13 Jul 2010

Lovea Bio Le Monoi

Lovea Bio Le Monoi

This body milk is very light and is absorbed into your skin very very quickly. I found it lovely and refreshing to use on sunburn, it soaked in instantly without having to rub my sore skin.

The fragrance reminds me of holidays, it has a coconutty sun lotion smell which stays on your skin after application. I found that applying it to small areas (like the tops of my arms when burnt) was just enough, if I applied to my whole body the fragrance would be a little overcoming.

After soaking in the body milk leaves a slightly waxy feel on the skin, it doesn't leave any marks or streaks and so can be used for everyday except that my clothing did stick to the moisturised areas a little.

The bottle is 200ml and has a pump action dispenser. I found it a little hard to open the dispenser pump ... but this could just be me as I am a nightmare at opening this type of pump.

My Pure retails this body milk at £6.99 and I do think the price is worth the product. It is a very good quality body milk with good moisturising properties, the cream goes a long way and my skin felt softer and calmer after first use.

For more information please visit: http://www.mypure.co.uk/lovea-b136/tahitian-monoi-moisturising-body-lotion-p1156
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