11 Aug 2010

Nelsons Travella

Nelsons Travella

I have always been travel sick, when I was a kid we couldn't even get as far as the motorway before the windows were open and the doubled up carrier bags were out !!

I have tried all sorts of cures:
  • Sitting on newspaper while sipping lemonade
  • Eating ginger biscuits
  • Having the window open
  • Sitting in the middle of the car
  • Listening to music
  • Always traveling forwards and not backwards
  • Not eating before a journey
  • Eating before a journey
  • Wearing different types of bands on my wrists

When I was pregnant was the best one, we had a 2 seater sports car and I made my husband drive 100 miles with the top down in December ... we were frozen (but I wasn't sick!).

Anyhow back to the product, Nelsons Travella is a natural homeopathic remedy for travel sickness.  The tablets contain a selection of homeopathic remedies combined to bring soothing relief for all the symptoms associated with travel sickness.

What makes Nelsons Travella different to other products is that they are suitable for all the family (any age), and they do not cause drowsiness.  I have found this point to be really really good as for example if you are about to travel across the channel to France but need the sickness relief for the boat trip .. if you are the driver you have no worries about drowsiness for your drive down the the dock and when you reach the other side.  With the kids it doesn't matter so much, but as a parent you need to stay awake and alert not only for driving but to keep your young family safe if you have one.

Homeopathy uses the bodies natural healing processes to stop you feeling poorly, there are no side effects and has been used for years.  In fact Nelsons themselves have been promoting natural care since 1860!

The tablets are small and white they can be sucked or chewed (great for younger children or people who cannot take tablets).  The dosage is simple but needs to be followed for good results (in other words you have to take them as stated on the box), two tablets every hour two hours before the journey, then two tablets hourly during the journey (if necessary).

So for a 2 hour journey you will need to take four tablets in total before setting off, then a further four should you need them during the journey.  The box contains 72 tablets so one box is good for quite a few trips.

The tablets do contain lactose and sucrose so if you are lactose intolerant then please check with your doctor before taking them.  Also if you are pregnant then check first with your doctor or midwife before taking any type of medication or homeopathic remedy.

For more information about the product and other homeopathic remedies in the range please visit Nelsons
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