4 Aug 2010

simplehuman Round Retro Pedal Bin

Round Retro Pedal Bin

Recently we brought a caravan, not a new one just a nice older one... well anyway we have been out in it a few times and I was getting a bit fed up of hanging a plastic carrier bag off of the door handle (plus it dripped all down the door which wasn't pleasant).

So my aim was to find a good sized dustbin that wouldn't swamp the caravan and get in the way, but was also dog proof, vermin proof and fly proof.  Our Ruby is clever enough to put her paw onto the pedal and open the lid, but my plan is to keep the bin in the awning but still look funky (well it would have to match the awning wouldn't it!).

So I contacted simplehuman about their Round Retro Pedal Bins, they have six colours to suit every kitchen or bathroom. 
I chose a red bin because my caravan and awning are burgundy, the bin itself is pretty sturdy and would survive rolling around the inside of the van during transit if it ever fell over, although it fits lovely underneath the table for travelling (might even fit in the bottom bathroom cabinet, will have to check that!).

Features include:

•all-steel pedal with a solid steel beam that runs from the tip of the pedal all the way to the back of the bin for maximum durability. This is engineered and tested to last over 150,000 steps - that's over 20 steps a day for 20 years
•simplehuman’s exclusive lid shox® air suspension shocks that control the motion of the domed lid for a slow, silent close
•fingerprint-proof finish resists smudges to keep stainless steel shiny (brushed steel only)
•innovative bag tuck® perforated opening that prevents messy bag overhang
•flared side handles that help make the bin easy to move
•sturdy, non-skid base keeps the bin steady
•10 year warranty

Yes you read that correct .. a TEN year warranty which you register online, so they must be pretty confident that the Round Retro Pedal Bin's are sturdy and efficient.

What I like is that the inside bucket comes out, this means that if your bag does leak then you can take out the bucket and give it a good clean.  Also after a while bins can get a bit whiffy so being able to clean it properly will keep the bin in tip-top shape and smelling fresh too.

The bins come in a variety of sizes:

30 litre version
•dimensions: 35.4cm wide x 38.3cm deep x 69.4cm high
•colours: green, cream, black, dark grey, brushed steel
•price: £99.99

20 litre version
•dimensions: 35.4cm wide x 38.4cm deep x 45.9cm high
•colours: brushed steel
•price: £79.99

6 litre version
•dimensions: 34cm wide x 27.3cm deep x 34.2cm high
•colours: brushed steel
•price: £39.99

3 litre version
•dimensions: 19.4cm wide x 22.3cm deep x 26.9cm high
•colours: blue, pink, green, red, white and brushed steel
•price: £24.99

Available now from http://www.simplehuman.co.uk/
simplehuman products are also available from the following...

National retailers:
John Lewis,  Homebase,  Habitat,  BhsB & Q,  Wilkinson.

Catalogue & online retailers:
ArgosAmazon,  LakelandLittlewoods,  Tesco,  ASDA directSainsbury's gochic.
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