7 Sep 2010

Living Nature Balancing Shampoo and Conditioner

Living Nature
Balancing Shampoo & Conditioner

Living Nature pride themselves on using only 100% natural products in their products, this includes the fragrance and all ingredients. 

Living Nature Balancing Shampoo contains kumerahou flowers/leaves for their natural lathering properties and kelp extract to provide essential nutrients and minerals.
The fragrance is lovely, very soft and mild, it lingers on your hair long after drying but doesn't interfere with your additional perfume or body spray like some other shampoo's. 
As a liquid the shampoo has a silky sheen and is quite thick yet viscous.  I am impressed with the consistency as you can pour it into your hands without it dribbling through your fingers, yet it is easy to spread around wet hair and cover all sections effectively.

During washing the bathroom fills with the fragrance and it foams up nicely.  I found I only needed to wash my hair once as my wet hair felt squeaky clean after rinsing (sometimes I wash twice with other brands).
Washing out the suds was also quite simple with warm water.

Using the conditioner was a bonus for my hair as I do not normally use conditioner.
Living Nature Balancing Conditioner contains hydrating active manuka honey, the ingredients also contain fruit extracts to detangle and add moisture.

Again the fragrance is lovely, its the same as the shampoo but not as strong.  The consistency of the conditioner is quite thick and creamy, you can easily use it on only certain parts of your hair if you wish (for example if you only need conditioner at the ends) as it doesn't run all over the place.  Think of a good hand cream consistency and this is what the conditioner is like.

Again the conditioner is easy to spread through wet hair, I didn't need to use much and my hair is quite thick.  However I found it quite difficult to wash out, I felt like it coated my hair a little too much for my liking but not as a regular user of conditioner this may be normal.

After drying my hair felt clean and fresh, the range is for 'all hair types' and it has cleaned all of my families hair very well.  Sometimes when we change brands Emma's acne flairs up a bit on her forehead but with Living Nature it has stayed quite calm and clear.

Price wise they are a little steep, regular people (like me) wouldn't be able to use these as a daily shampoo.
200ml = £14.99 from  http://www.mypure.co.uk/living-nature-b87 for each product.
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