17 Nov 2010

Domino's Pizza

Domino's Pizza

Tonight we had a family treat for dinner ... last week I brought a slow cooker and since then we have had stew every single night, needless to say my poor family were sick of stew and begged me for something different.    So tonight I relented after Andy said "Have a night off love you deserve it!" and ordered in from Domino's.

The clever thing about Domino's is that you can order pizza online, no more shouting "NO! I don't want extra anchovies!" down the phone you can sit and browse the menu in the peace and quiet of your own home.  I am sure many of you are thinking 'peace and quiet? whats that?' and yes you are correct as I had Emma over my shoulder going "I don't like peppers! I don't like onion!" until I told her to shut it or she'd get nothing except crust!

The ordering process was pretty easy, you start off with entering your postcode so that it can link you with your local branch, the next screen has each type of food in a different tab along the top of the screen ... deals, pizza, sides, desserts, subs.  Have a look at the pizza menu and you will see for yourselves.

I started with the 'Deals' tab and found that there was a 'buy one get one half price' deal running and also a deal where you got a large pizza, garlic pizza bread and potato wedges for only £17.99.  I totted up our order and found that the 'buy one get one half price' deal would be better for my budget.

We ordered 2 x large pizza's, a garlic pizza bread, a chicken stripper combo, extra chicken strippers and some garlic mozzarella fingers.  The chicken stripper combo is a good deal as it contains a whole portion of potato wedges and chicken strippers plus dips for much less than buying them separately.  Emma likes the chicken dippers (as does my Dad) so I ordered the extra chicken portion.

My order only took 20 minutes to arrive, which I thought was fantastic!  All products were piping hot and well packed, plus we had a wide selection of dips (garlic mayo, honey & mustard, sweet chilli and BBQ) to choose from.  Each pizza was cut through correctly which was great for Emma as she sometimes struggles to put the slices away from the main pizza.

The side dishes were a good size, although I felt we could have done with a few more potato wedges ... but with the whole of our order we had plenty of food for 4 of us.

We didn't personally try it (as I didn't fancy it) but Domino's have created a Double Decadence pizza.  This is two thin crusts sandwiched with a basil pesto.  You can then have the toppings of your choice.  To be it looks a little strong as I am not a massive fan of pesto ... but I would say that the idea is very very Italian taking pizza designs back to its roots.

Our meal tonight was spot on!  We all enjoyed the pizza and sides, I wish now I had ordered some desserts too as I fancy something chocolaty ... maybe I can convince Andy to nip out for me? no I don't think he will go either!

For more information and prices, please visit: http://www.dominos.co.uk/

Domino's reviewed by Anna at http://little-bit-of-everything-reviews.blogspot.com/
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