4 Nov 2010

Win a year's salary from PayPal

What would you do with £40,000 ?

Spend it on something you have been saving for? A wedding or a house?

Blow the lot on clothes and a huge holiday? Or would you save it and spend it wisely?

I would do a bit of everything; first up I would go off on holiday for a few weeks to somewhere hot and posh.  While I am away the designers can come in and decorate my house for me in so that when I return my house is gorgeous and I haven't had to lift a finger to make it that way (keeping it nice is a different story!).  Of course I would buy bits and bobs that I have fancied for ages but couldn't afford, a newer car for example .... the rest I would put into a savings account, but the way I spend there probably wouldn't be much left to save anyway :)


But to suddenly find yourself with £40,000 is just a dream isn't it! or is it?

PayPal have launched a brilliant prize draw promotion that give everyonse who enters the chance to win a year’s salary of £40,000. Log in too www.paypal.co.uk/win for your chance to win.

It’s very easy to enter, all you have to do is buy something with PayPal, and you'll be automatically entered into the weekly prize draw.  And the more you buy the more chances you get, because you get entered every single time you buy with PayPal.  Plus with the prize draw being weekly ... you get more chances to win.

More and more shops are teaming up with PayPal for a simple and safe way to pay online, no more putting in your card details just sign up to PayPal and login when required to pay for your goods.  I use PayPal all the time as I don't always trust websites with my card details, with PayPal I don't need to tell them anything as I have trusted PayPal with my details and they do the rest.

So what could you buy with £40,000 ? 

Treat yourself to a new Moben Kitchen via www.next.co.uk (Yes they do actually sell Moben Kitchens)

Spend £265 on a gorgeous Karen Millen winter warmer coat from www.karenmillen.com

Buy some Christmas pressies from www.tedbaker.com like this bracelet

A reindeer cardie that your nan hasn't knitted from www.asos.com

Or just buy lots and lots of funky undies from Superdry at www.superdry.com


    For full Terms and Conditions of the competition please visit:

Win £40000

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Enter now for your chance to win

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