22 Dec 2010


Own a micro-brewery this Christmas with ibrew!

When Andy turned 30 he went into 'must brew my own beer' mode ... apparently all men go through this phase when they are 30.  He scanned online auction sites, the local paper and car boot sales to buy all the kit, then I refused to let him brew it in our house as the beer smells the house out while brewing.
He was not bothered one bit as his Mum came home from work one day to find the contents of her airing cupboard on her bed and Andy brewing his beer at her house!

Since then a new kit has been developed which makes the process a whole lot easier.  ibrew is a fantastic kit where everything you need fits into the brewing container - which means that when the new budding brewer gets bored you can pack it all away again until the interest arises again.

Many a beer-lover has dreamed of owning his very own micro-brewery. Now that fantasy can become a reality this Christmas thanks to the groundbreaking ibrew system!

ibrew is a complete, self-contained in-home micro-brewery offering anyone, novice or expert, the opportunity to brew premium lager, bitter or stout inside just 21 days. Compact and easy-to-use, the ibrew micro-brewery kit contains everything needed to produce top-notch, 4% ABV beer of a quality comparable to the finest artisan products on the market – and at a fraction of the price. In fact, ibrew costs from just 50p a pint – offering superb value for money compared with both supermarket and pub prices.

ibrew makes 20 pints of beer at a time at room temperature, which means it can be tucked discreetly away in a cupboard during the brewing process. The beer is stored in two 10-pint bottles until ready to drink. The finished product is dispensed from these bottles using an innovative tap, which also doubles as a clever gas carbonator for the beer. Beer brewed using ibrew is all-natural, containing only malt, hops, water and yeast.

ibrew marketing manager, Andy Janes, said: “ibrew is the perfect treat for beer lovers to buy themselves – or a great gift idea to buy the beer-lover in your life. Brewing your own lager, bitter and stout with ibrew is simplicity itself and very rewarding. It tastes as good as beer produced in professional micro-breweries but offers much better value for money.”

ibrew is ideal for everyday responsible in-home consumption, but also perfect for entertaining this festive period. If you don’t tell them (though it’s likely you’ll be too proud of your beer not to) guests at Christmas and New Year parties will probably not even realise it was brewed in-home!

I am really impressed with the kit, it contains everything you need and clear instructions.  The kit is easily ordered online and is well packed for delivery.  We haven't had chance to brew any beer yet but from unpacking the contents we are both very impressed with the quality of the kit so far.
I like the fact that the little carbonated gas cylinders are included, this is a great upgrade to what Andy and I are used to (as our beer was always a bit flat and naff ... actually so naff that only Andy's dad would ever drink it!).

This is a top quality product and great for any occasion for the 'man who has everything'.  Available with both bitter and lager variants they cover the taste for everyone.

Available for just £64.99, the ibrew starter kit offers a complete re-usable home brewery with everything you need to begin brewing – including the ingredients to make 20 pints. Refills cost £9.99, again for 20 pints, which means home brewing costs from just 50p a pint.

ibrew kits and refills are available to buy online at www.ibrew.co.uk and in numerous retailers nationwide (visit website to find nearest stockist – prices may vary between retailers).
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