22 Dec 2010

St Eval Candle Company

 St Eval Candle Company
Make your home smell as good as the great outdoors - with the new Celery & Herb range from St Eval Candle Company

Celery and herb: The cool crisp smell of succulent celery sticks combined with the heady aroma of freshly chopped herbs.

There’s no fresher scent than the clean crisp smell of celery sticks and now you can make your whole house smell good enough to eat thanks to the latest addition to the St Eval Candle Company’s growing range. The new Celery & Herb candles will fill your home with the cool scent of an outdoor summer, and with a whole array of styles to choose from, there’s a candle for every room.

With the UK munching its way through 120 million sticks of celery every year, the new Celery & Herb fragrance is set to become a firm favourite! Plus celery has had a formidable reputation as an aphrodisiac since Roman times, so this new scent could freshen up your bedroom too!
For the more modern home, the scented tins (£8.45) are the best option and with a burning time of 45 hours, the gorgeous scent will linger on and on. But if you prefer something more traditional, how about something from the Victorian herb range? Prices start at £3.70 for the small earthenware Vic pot and go up to £19.35 for the earthenware bowl.

Based on a traditional working farm in Cornwall, the St. Eval Candle Company is renowned throughout the UK for their growing collection of fine quality hand-finished candles with unique fragrances and styles. It has an enviable reputation in the use of beautiful and unusual containers. Having traded for over ten years, the St. Eval Candle Company also provide a bespoke candle making service, and currently supply many international companies including Molton Brown, Elemis, Kenneth Turner and Emma Bridgewater.

St. Eval use traditional methods to manufacture candles, this includes a centuries old process known as ‘drawing’, which results in superior burning qualities and time. Whenever they can, St. Eval uses materials from sustainable and renewable sources. They endeavour to produce as little waste as possible and all packaging is sourced from re-cycled materials.

The Scented Tins from the St Eval Candle Company are available in a range of gorgeous scents to suit every room. Please see a list below.

Bay & Rosemary - An invigorating combination of herbal scents
Bergamot & Nettle - Uplifting, herbal aroma with hints of spice
Celery & Herb - The cool crisp smell of succulent celery sticks combined with the heady aroma of freshly chopped herbs.
Inspiritus - An ulifting blend of aromatic spices
Joy - A Light floral fragranced based on mimosa
Lavender - A relaxing and soothing scent of fresh aromatic lavender
Orange & Cinnamon - A warm tangy fragrance with hints of spice
Sandalwood - A blend of warm musk and woody scents
Sensuality - A luxurious blend of nutmeg, citrus and ginger
Thyme & Mint - Crisp, clear scent of fresh garden mint blended with a herbal scent of thyme
Tranquility - A relaxing blend of lavender, orange and ylang ylang
Vanilla - Sweet vanilla bean fragrance, with a soft and powdery character

The Scented Tins are priced at £8.45 and are available from www.stevalcandlecompany.co.uk.

Other products from St Eval Candle Company are:

Victorian earthenware bowl £19.35 (22 burning hours)

Long Tom pot £7.10 (28 burning hours)

Small Vic pot £3.70 (12 burning hours)
Earthenware tealight holders with tealights £4.75 (8 burning hours, sold in sets of two)

Herb multiwick £13.75 (70 burning hours)

Herb pillar £5.75 (60 burning hours)

Herb tin £8.30 (45 burning hours)

Victorian herb tealights £5.00 (8 burning hours, sold as a tray of nine)


St. Eval Candle Company has a wide range of products, with something for everyone, from the classic church candles tins, to the Coastal, English Hedgerow and ‘English Eccentric’ ranges.

The whole collection can be viewed at www.stevalcandlecompany.co.uk.

St Eval Candle Company address is: Engollan, St. Eval, Wadebridge, Cornwall, PL27 7UL.

Stockist and general tel: 01841 540850, or email info@stevalcandlecompany.co.uk.

Website: www.stevalcandlecompany.co.uk.





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