16 Dec 2010

Teachers Highland Cream Whisky


Teacher’s® Highland Cream, the distinctive blended Scotch whisky, has had a recent makeover, seeing the bottle change to reflect the whisky inside; robust, bold and well balanced. But don’t take our word for it – try it for yourself or offer it as an ideal gift for whisky lovers this Christmas.

A quality blend, Teacher’s® has a full flavour uncontested by any other blended Scotch whisky – it truly is in a class of its own with a style and flavour worth discovering.

While all blends are made with both malt and grain whiskies, Teacher’s® Highland Cream is uniquely rich, using an exceptionally high amount of malt whisky, over 45%, to give it a richer, full bodied flavour.

Teacher’s® contains over 30 malts, however it is the fingerprint malt whisky from Ardmore® Highland Distillery which is key to the blend. Ardmore® malt enhances and compliments the individual styles of each of the malts, creating the unmistakable Teacher’s® nose and a taste of robust maltiness and Highland peat smoke.

I'm not a big fan of whisky. I prefer brandy ... but my Dad and Father-in-law both like whisky.  My dad prefers it neat or with a splash of diet coke, where as FIL prefers to drink a tot of whisky in his cup of tea.  He sometimes has whisky over ice but normallyl just in tea.

My Dad says that Teachers Whisky is a very high quality brand which is affordable, unlike some brands they are so expensive the bottles gain dust as you are too afraid to drink them - Teachers is a good price and a good whisky, he says that you can enjoy your drink without having to worry about the price.

Teacher’s® Highland Cream is available in both 70cl and for 1L formats from all good grocery stores, RRP £13.49 for 70cl and £18.99 for 1L

Visit www.teacherswhisky.com for more information
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