14 Dec 2010


TUACA – start chilled – finish responsibly.

Made from the same unique recipe since 1938, TUACA is made from oak aged Italian brandy and then infused with natural citrus fruit and sweet aromatics, including light vanilla tones. This mix gives TUACA an incredibly complex taste profile, making it an ideal base for cocktails and long drinks, as well as excellent as a chilled shot, to be sipped and savoured. TUACA is 70% proof (35% alcohol).

The nights are drawing in, the woolly gloves are on and we’ve finally got our missing hour back: Winter has returned and brings with it some deliciously different ideas for cocktail hour.

Now I don't know about where you live but most people I know round here have been suffering with the flu recently.  I have been a bit chesty so instead of adding brandy to my coffee I have added a capful of TUACA.  If you think of how brandy warms your body up TUACA does the same but has a hint of vanilla and orange as well .... really warm and festive at this time of year.  I felt that my 'hot toddy' wasn't medicinal but really special instead :)

TUACA has a range of mouth watering ideas to spice up the festive season this year. Whether it’s to heat up a cold crisp city night, to round off a day on the slopes or as a delightfully different signature serve for the party season, a warm TUACA cocktail is sure to thaw out your tastebuds.

TUACA has an incredibly complex taste profile, making it an ideal base for cocktails and long drinks, as well as excellent as a chilled shot, to be sipped and savoured. A must try is TUACA with hot cloudy apple juice and a small sprinkle of cinnamon, a perfect winter warmer!

Here are some ideas as to how to serve TUACA, please remember to drink responsibly.
TUACA & Hot Cloudy Apple Juice

This mouth watering warm cocktail is dessert in a glass. A blend of warm apple juice and a hint of cinnamon make this a must have on those frosty evenings. Perfect as an after dinner drink.

50ml TUACA
100ml Hot Cloudy Apple Juice
Ground Cinnamon

Pour the TUACA into a heat-resistant glass. Top with Hot Cloudy Apple Juice and add a tiny sprinkle of cinnamon on top.


A twist on an old home remedy, this will surely take away the winter blues. This bittersweet cocktail uses familiar flavours and is the perfect partner to curl up with.

25ml TUACA
1tsp Honey
15ml Lemon juice
250 ml Hot water.

Mix the TUACA, honey and lemon juice in a glass and so to prevent the glass from breaking place a metal spoon in as you carefully pour in the hot water as a mixer.
Serve with a slice of lemon to add a final spark!

Tuscan Coffee

Indulge in the ultimate winter treat. A warm, creamy, coffee creation that will earn you the status of perfect host at any festive shindig! Ideal for finishing off a great dinner party.

60ml TUACA
50ml coffee
50ml cream

Mix the TUACA and the coffee in a wine glass, and float the cream on top. To complete sprinkle grated chocolate over this delicious treat!

TUACA is available in the following locations to name a few:

- Aberdeen - Tonik, The Office, Society and JP’s Bar

- Belfast - The Northern Whig, The Garrick, Muriels Bar, Auntie Annies and The House Bar

- Cardiff - Mocka, Live Lounge and Promised Land

- Brighton - St James, Fortune of War, Three & Ten and Brunswick

- Edinburgh - GHQ, The Rat Pack, Aspen, Cabaret Voltaire, Treacle, Hamilton’s, Lebowski’s and KoKo

- Glasgow - Campus, O’Couture, Rufus T Firefly, Lebowiski’s, Moskito, Bunker and Bloc Bar

- Inverness - Bar One, Hush, The Room and Gunsmiths

- Leeds - The Shed, Oracle

- Liverpool - La’Go, Peacock

- London - Be@One, Dogstar, White Hart, Stonehorse Paper Cow, The Old Fire Station and The Redback

- Manchester - Illusions, Tribeca

- Newcastle - Popolo, Soho

- Nottingham - Dogma, Brass Monkey

- Truro - L2, One Eyed Cat, Vertigo and Old Grammar School

R.R.P: Around £20 a bottle

You can also find TUACA on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/tuacaliqueur?v=info 
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