23 Jan 2011

Perfect Valentines Gifts

Perfect Valentines Gifts to suit all budgets

www.confetti.co.uk have a range of cute Valentines Gifts, I have reviewed the heart shaped egg mould and its fun and pretty funky!
http://shop.confetti.co.uk/product/hearty-breakfast-egg-shaper/101872/  £3.99

Now I don't think its the type of gift that you wrap up (as to be honest if I unwrapped an egg mould I would  be pretty disappointed!) you are supposed to actually use the product to declare your love to your partner.

Imagine Valentines Day morning taking your loved one heart shaped eggs on toast :) or heart shaped pancakes stacked high with syrup.  I am sure they will be chuffed to bits that you have put so much effort into breakfast.

If you are not so much of a cook but like to be 'handy' in other ways, then this little book could give you both some hints and tips!  Obviously I am an amazing lover *ahem* so I didn't need to read the book but its a quirky fun gift to make you both smile.

 Ever the 'useful' one I think these measuring spoons are really cute.  Bit of an odd one to unwrap ?? but as part of a parcel of mini gifts I think they are really clever and use able.  So many gifts get unwrapped and left in the cupboard, at least this set are handy to have (and you would never lose them in your cutlery drawer) .... plus every time you see them they will remind you of your partner.  I am lucky that I can look at any 'spoon' and think of Andy LOL !!!  Oooh I am mean!

Finally from www.confetti.co.uk we have a gorgeous little heart shaped photo frame.  Can be used to hold photos of each other, the kids or family pet - this would look lovely in any room but particularly the bedroom or bathroom (on a windowsill perhaps?).

All of the above gifts are available from www.confetti.co.uk - order now ready for Valentines Day!


St Eval Candle Company

The St Eval Candle Company have a good range of Valentines inspired candles.  I have reviewed a lovely red coloured rose fragranced pillar candle, which is perfect for a classic valentines gift.

The rose fragrance is subtle and not sickly or over powering like some fragranced candles.  I also thought that the packaging (and packing from the postal order) were extremely professional and special to unwrap.

Visit their website to see the HUGE range of candles that are available, they have candles suitable for all ages, sexes and budgets.

The St Eval Candle Company are also on Facebook so check in 'like' their page for up-to-date info and offers. 


Firefly Tonics - Love Potion

Well well well whats the best way to get hearts racing on Valentines Day? A special edition 'Love Potion'.  Now I haven't tried slipping any into random hunks drinks (or even Andy's.... yet!) as I am saving my bottle for Valentines night ooooh-errr :) as the makers claim it is an aphrodisiac .... I'll have to report back on the 15th Feb to let you know if it works or not.

However if you fancy giving it a 'test drive' then all the info you need it below ... happy Valentines 'night' :)

Firefly Tonics, the 100% natural energy drinks producer, is bringing back the Love Potion. Founder of Firefly Tonics Marcus Waley-Cohen admits “Love Potion is the single thing we are asked for more than any other edition”. This tasty little aphrodisiac has been kept hidden for the last five years because people just got too frisky!

Love Potion is a saucy blend of Passionfruit, Blueberry and Jasmine with sensory botanicals Angelica, Chocolate and Damiana, all known for their aphrodisiac qualities.

The very limited edition range will be available from Harvey Nichols, Whole Foods, online at Holland&Barratt and other independent retailers until stocks last.

£1.49 for a 330ml bottle.

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