23 Feb 2011

Gadget Glamour

Gadget Glamour iPhone and iPad Skins
Basically a 'Skin' is a hard wearing tough sticker to customise your iPhone or iPad, you stick the sticker onto the shell of the product, then download a wallpaper for the screen so that it all matches.

The actual products are of good quality and will be hard wearing, each skin is made from durable vinyl which protects the iPhone or iPad and provides an anti-scratch coating.   Do not fear though as its not forever - if you decide to change the skin it can be easily peeled away and there is no sticky mess left behind.

One worry I had was if it went wonky when putting it onto my iPhone ... each skin comes with full instructions and the adhesive is made by 3M, it contains micro fine glass beads which allow you to position the skin - and only fully stick down when you rub the surface with your thumb.
The Gadget Glamour website is easy to navigate, you can order online most skins start at £10 for an iPhone skin or £15 for an iPad skin.  Downloadable matching wallpaper is from the same site - all details come with your chosen skin.
Gadget Glamour offer next day free delivery (including the channel islands) so brilliant for a last minute gift or a treat for yourself.

For more information please visit: www.gadgetglamour.co.uk
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