17 Feb 2011

Giant Milkybar Buttons

New Milkybar Giant Buttons - in share size packs.

When Emma was a baby we used to feed her Milkybar as she loved it - actually 'Daddy' used to eat most of it and give poor baby Emma a tiny bit to suck on then spit down her chin. 
At that time we thought that as a sweet treat Milkybar was the best brand for baby but since 2008, Milkybar has been made using only natural ingredients. The chocolate is naturally free from colours and preservatives and free from artificial flavours ... so it means its even better for you!

Milkybar buttons are now giant which means that each button is now around twice (possibly 3 times) the size of the regular buttons ... they are available in share size bags (which we all know that my my house the sharing part just isn't going to happen), a 14 button portion (which is whats recommended) contains 154 calories, 16.2g sugar, 8.9g fat and 5.3g saturates.   basically Milkybar is now for adults too and not just toddlers. 

At the moment on Facebook Milkybar are promoting the giant buttons by giving away free packs: http://apps.facebook.com/giantbuttons/

I like to make chocolate fairy cakes and use Giant Milkybar Buttons on the top, or bake a large chocolate cake and make a pattern on the top held on with melted milk chocolate - gorgeous !!

Each share size bag is 150g and is available from all major supermarkets in the confectionery aisle.
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