23 Feb 2011

JML Turbo Snake

JML Turbo Snake

Another handy product from JML, very simple to use and actually really effective.
My bath was taking ages for the water to go down, you could actually soak your feet while you had a shower the plug was that clogged up ... so I decided to give the Turbo Snake a try.

Basically its 2 different sized plastic coated wires with Velcro-like ends.  All you have to do is poke it down the plughole, wiggle it around and pull it out!

I decided to give my bathroom sink a clean first and inserted the Turbo Snake - OMG tons and tons of matted smelly soap scummed hair came out!!  Then I realised that my bath and sink use the same pipe, so it was this that had been blocking the bathwater.  The Turbo Snake was easy to clean and the mess put into the bin ... so I gave the bath plughole a try - again quite a bit of muck came out (but the majority came out of the sink).

So .. it really does work!  There are different ends for different types of plug - even those ones that go up and down with a lever (and sit flush to your sink).  Easy to store as you also get a little stick-on hook to hang it up under your sink.

Available from http://www.jmldirect.com/Turbo-Snake-PT1010/ where there is a good video too.
RRP £10.20
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