23 Feb 2011


A new toy from 
Spin Master

Zoobles are new magical creatures that pop to life when you put them on their 'Happitat'.

Basically aimed at young girls age 4+ these are collectable toys that interact without the need for batteries.
The Zoobles are curled up into a pocketsized ball until you put them on their Happitat - to which they spring to life!  As you touch them they interact with you by blinking their eyes, wagging their tails and wiggling their ears.
There are 150 different Zoobles to collect and come in different sized packs: £5.99 for a single, £9.99 for a pair 'twoble' pack and £19.99 for the Blossoming Garden play set (which comes with its own exclusive character).

Start saving now for Christmas ;) as this will be the stocking filler for 2011.

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