22 Apr 2011

Curvaceous Beauties Shambles Not Sexy

Curvaceous Beauties - Never Again!

I am a plus-size, so to buy nice underwear and sexy nightwear I find it quite hard to find clothing that either fits properly or actually looks nice.

On the Internet I stumbled across Curvaceous Beauties a plus size lingerie and sexy nightwear store ... bingo! I thought and placed an order.

I placed my order online and paid £37.93 via Paypal for ....
1 x Suspender Chemise - Plus Size -  £29.99
1 x Sexy Sheer Stockings - Colour: Black - £4.99
P&P £2.95

Then sat and waited patiently for my order to arrive ... I was actually quite excited as I haven't treated myself (or Andy!) to some sexy undies for well... urm ... ever!

Anyhow - my order came and I was very disappointed.  For a plus-size garment it was poor fabric, yes it fit around my middle but the cup sizes were very very small (there was no way that my big bazookas were going to fit in them).  So I repackaged the dress without even having to open the stockings packet and put them both back into the postal bag to be returned.

Here is where the fun starts!

You have to have a 'code' to return items.  I emailed twice for a code and telephoned - it is always an answerphone but at this point I didn't leave a message.
My emails didn't get a reply for over 10 days! by this time I had already returned the package with my order number and copy of the emails inside.

Basically you have to contact them for a 'return code' as stated on their website ... all the code is is your original order code but written on the outside of the packaging that you return your goods in .... how pathetic! why not just put that on the website.

So .. order returned Recorded Delivery (at my own cost) I sit and wait for my refund. 
They do state on the website that it can take up to 30 days for the refund to be processed - I understand this as with the items they sell they have to check every items for wear or use, plus you can only return certain items due to hygiene etc... which is great and a good point for the company.

After nearly a month I telephoned them just to check they have received my package as I have had no contact from them - I left a message on the answerphone - no return call from them.  So I emailed and someone emailed back stating their 30 day rule - no problem.

Today I received my refund .... £29.99 ???? my original order (minus postage) was £34.98
Where has the other £4.99 gone ??

Well I have emailed (again) to ask why I have been shortchanged.  After 2 lots of postage coming to around £6 in total ... why charge me a further £4.99 ?

I am not happy - which is why I am writing this blog review of the company to warn other plus-size ladies about what bad customer service I have received ..... I would have been better off shopping on eBay!

If/When I get a reply I will update this blog post (22/04/11).

The moral to my post is - DO NOT USE  www.curvaceousbeauties.com for your sexy pants - shop elsewhere.
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