14 Apr 2011

Heinz Salad Cream with Cucumber and Dill

Heinz Salad Cream with Cucumber and Dill

The weather is getting warmer and I'll bet that most of you had the BBQ out last weekend ... well whats a BBQ without Heinz?

Heinz have produced a limited edition Salad Cream with Cucumber and Dill.  Do you remember when they launched their Lemon and Black Pepper variety? A lot of people decided that Heinz Salad Cream was such an iconic brand that you couldn't 'mess' with the taste .. oh how wrong they were, people loved it and it soon became a regular on the supermarket shelves.

Heinz Cucumber and Dill Salad Cream can be used with your regular salads, sandwiches, fish and even burgers!  I actually like to put salad cream on sausages so I know that salad cream isn't just for salad!

The Lemon and Black Pepper variety was blended to compliment chicken and tuna, Cucumber and Dill has been specially prepared to match oily fish dishes such as salmon and mackerel, it even tastes great with red meats such as BBQ burgers and lamb.

The taste is quite sharp on first taste (as Salad Cream is), but it has a nice pleasant aftertaste which is quite soothing.  I certainly can't wait to use it when we next have a BBQ as I am not a great lover of red sauce and so prefer to use salad cream instead.

Available from all major supermarkets RRP £1.15 (295g)

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