19 Apr 2011

Smarties Chicken and Egg

Smarties Chicken and Egg

We have pet chickens at home, so to review a chocolate chicken for Easter is quite funny for our family.

Smarties have produced a chocolate chicken, the chocolate of the chicken shell is quite thick and solid ... you have to give it a good bash to break it into chunks.  I was a little disappointed at the size of the chicken though - the recommended retail price is £2.50 which for the size I feel is a little steep.

Inside there is a chocolate egg :) the chocolate is quite thin but when you break this open there are mini Smarties inside.  We had 6 mini Smarties in our egg ... giving the price and the size of the egg this is a bit stingy - they could of at least filled it up!

I like the chocolate taste, its not too sweet, but giving the size of the chicken it is not a chocolate treat that could be easily shared between children.

Its a nice idea, but too much money for the amount of chocolate included.  With the deals on regular Easter Eggs in the shops I feel this product could easily get overlooked.

So Smarties - here's the answer: Make it bigger next year and include more Smarties :)

Available from all good supermarkets
RRP: £2.50
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