19 Nov 2011

Disney Universe Xbox360 Game

Review by guest blogger: Emma Guest, Age 10

Disney Universe is action packed game for the Xbox 360, PlayStation3, Nintendo wii and PC (Digital Download Only).  You face 6 different Disney worlds, which are based on movies like Pirates of the Caribbean, Alice in wonderland and more!

4 of the many costumes you can pick
You have your own character and can pick up to 45 costumes.  You can also have teams of up to 4 and battle the worlds together!

The cover of the game
I say: "its really fun when your with your mates, as when you work together its better. I would love to have this game for Christmas. It will be good for kids age 7 and up to play."

For more information please visit: http://www.disney.co.uk/universe/?
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