22 Dec 2011

Moon Sand Construction Set

Moon Sand Construction

Young lads will love this Moon Sand set, the kit contains a sand tray base,  roof, door, windows, brick moulds, detonator, shovel, construction worker, plus 2 colours of Moon Sand.  

Moon Sand is a play sand that easily sticks together and moulds without the need for water.  It can be played with inside as it isn't mucky and can easily be hoovered up if an accident occurs.

Up until now the Moon Sand range was mostly aimed at girls, the construction set is however for a more male market ... build it up and knock it down!

A great present this Christmas, one that's intended for the kids but Dads and Uncles will end up playing with instead.

Moon Sand Construction is just one of the many sets from Spinmaster Toys please take a look at the Moon Sand website link for more ideas.
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