22 Dec 2011

Owen Potts Sauces and Condiments


Those on the look-out for a helping hand in the kitchen need look no further, thanks to the launch of a brand new range of top-quality sauces and condiments from Owen Potts – undoubtedly the food industry’s best kept secret!

A genuine culinary expert, Owen has been developing products behind the scenes for years – if you’ve ever bought a gourmet salad dressing, luxury sauce, chutney or condiment, you’ve more than likely already tasted one of Owen’s creations.

With his delicious new quick to cook range, you can add some flair to your cooking, bring a little something extra to everyday meals or introduce a touch of indulgence to special occasion dining – safe in the knowledge you’re in the hands of a real food guru.

The Owen Potts range uses the very best, natural ingredients sourced from around the world, and includes everything from store cupboard essentials such as chicken gravy and steak sauce, to classic recipes with a unique twist, such as a mouth-watering cranberry sauce infused with honey, a great-tasting mustard sauce with hints of tarragon and a delectable Spanish dressing blended with roasted peppers and pimenton.

The delicious store cupboard range – with a product suitable for every occasion – will be available in most major supermarkets this winter. 

I am looking forward to trying the Honey Cranberry Sauce with my turkey on Christmas Day, I sometimes find cranberry sauce a bit sharp and tarty so hopefully as honey has been added it should be a little sweeter and smoother, a perfect combination for our turkey and trimmings.

Also in the new year the first BBQ will spark up (we have BBQ'd in Jan before... as we are odd!), I can't wait to test Owen Potts' Maple Chipotle Barbeque & Grilling Sauce out on some chops.  I know I could use the grill but the BBQ gives a more authentic taste.

The lead products in the Owen Potts range are:
Maple and Chipotle Barbecue and Grilling Sauce – RRP £2.29
Chicken Gravy with White Wine and Thyme – RRP £1.99
Steak Sauce – RRP £2.29
Spanish Dressing with Roasted Red Peppers and Pimenton – RRP £2.39
Honey Cranberry Sauce – RRP £1.89
Mustard and Tarragon Sauce – RRP £1.80

The Owen Potts range is currently available in Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Asda and Booths, with RRPs ranging from £1.65 to £2.39.  
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