3 Aug 2012

Gaymers Cider

Wish for summer with a chilled bottle of 
Gaymers Cider.

Whether you prefer the refreshing core range of Apple and Pear cider or the two new mouth-watering flavours, Pear Cider with Raspberry and Pear Cider with Cherry & Apple, Gaymers is sure to get taste buds tingling on hot days. 

Get ready to swap your umbrella for a parasol and enjoy the sunny weather while it lasts with a cider in hand!

I am off to some 4x4 Shows over the next few weeks with my Land Rover, I am sure I will be sat outside my caravan cider in hand watching the world go by.   My favourite of the new flavours is Pear with Cherry & Apple, its fruity and refreshing, but must be served freezing cold (I pour over ice).  Andy prefers the regular Gaymers Pear Cider, again freezing cold while sat in the sun - he says the fruity new ones are 'girls drinks' but when we ran out of pure pear he didn't turn down a pear and raspberry version!

Remember to drink responsibly - each bottle is alc. 4% vol  which works out as 2.0 UK units. It is recommended that women drink no more than 2-3 units per day and men 3-4 units per day.   This means that one-two bottles are enough - to relax and wind down without exceeding your limit.

Please visit www.facebook.com/gaymers for more information.

The new flavours from Gaymers Cider are available in Morrisons and Tesco supermarkets nationwide (£1.69 - £1.89).
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