27 May 2013

Diono Super Mat Deluxe

Super Mat Deluxe

The Super Mat Deluxe is a very clever product.  Do you find that when you put your child's car seat into your car you end up marking the seats?  When you go to sell the car the new owner can instantly see that you have had a car seat in due to marks on the upholstery?
The Super Mat Deluxe is made from individual panels of high density foam that contour to any vehicle seat, these protect the upholstery from permanent indentations.

The mat is also non-slip which means it also stops the car seat from slipping about - which is more safer for your child and assists putting the car seat into the car.

The mat features a really handy fold able changing mat in the front pocket, so no more fumbling about trying to find a changing mat, plus you can change your baby before leaving the car.

You can also use the front pocket to store small items such as tissues, travel packs of wet wipes .. or even travel sickness bags for older children!
The mat is very strong and durable, I have pulled it and twisted it and it is very sturdy yet folds easily to store when it is not required.  The Super Mat Deluxe can be used in any car with any car seat, it has also been crash tested so you know it is extremely safe to use.
Luckily it is also washable :) which is very very handy.

I am impressed by this product and I am surprised it hasn't been thought of before.  A very handy mat the have!

Retail price is £24.99
Available from: Amazon, Kiddicare and Halfords.
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