19 May 2013


I have been asked to review a new innovative product called Fruush.

Fruush is essentially a bottle cap that flavours your water.
It does this using an innovative system developed by a Swiss company called Vicap. There is a small amount of concentrate in the cap, and when the cap is pushed down it pierces a small piece of silver foil releasing the concentrate into the water.
The original two flavours were raspberry and hibiscus, and lemon and elderberry. The most recent flavours produced are mango and new detox, a healthier flavour aimed more at the female market.

I have tried the Mango variety.   I received a wide necked bottle and a bottle top that contained the flavouring inside it.  All I had to do was fill up the bottle with water, peel back the protective cover on the bottle cap, screw it on and then when ready push a red tab at the top of the drinking cap.
The flavour then came out into my water, I gave it a shake and it was ready :)

The flavour was perfect, my husband tried it and liked it .. my daughter after a taste decided that she liked it and drank the rest!

The idea is good, its simple and easy to use.  The design of adding your own flavour to plain water appeals to young and older people, particularly teenagers and people who visit the gym or take part in sports.

One minor flaw for me is that the bottle top is very wide and it will not fit onto regular shop bought water bottles.  As bottled water is generally cheaper than pop it is a good concept to keep in your bag for when you need a drink, you can just buy a bottle of water and add your own flavouring without having to cart around a bottle of squash or a whole bottle of drink with you.  However with the top being larger it will not fit.

The reasons behind Fruush's larger neck size is .....
    Just screw on one of our caps to a standard size (38mm) bottle, hit the red button and watch the fun begin. Get ready to shake things up.
    All our natural concentrates contain Vitamin B6, putting punch into the water without the need for preservatives. Be healthy, with fruush.
    By keeping the same bottle and only using up caps, fruush saves a huge amount of plastic waste. Go green, go fruush.
  • image_deliverSHAKE THINGS UP
    Put the fun back into staying hydrated. We make drinking water something you want to do, not need to do.

So to be fair, if you are reusing a bottle and not buying new all the time, you are helping to go green.  I can see the reasoning behind the larger neck, especially too as it requires a larger top to hold the cordial inside.

The young designers behind Fruush are taking part in a Young Enterprise competition.

Young Enterprise is a European-wide competition that attempts to get young people between 16 and 18 into business. Young Enterprise is also recognised as a charitable organisation.

Over the course of a year a team, consisting of around 15 members from that school, have to first come up with a product idea. They then look to produce, market, advertise and ultimately sell that product. Teams are required to hold fundraising events at the start of the year, for example we had a quiz night for parents and teachers.
In the middle of the year teams go to Trade Fairs in their local area, where prizes are given for best sales pitch, best product, best stand, and best overall business. Team Spinnaker won best product in the Kingston Trade Fair.
In the summer term the competition really begins starting with qualifiers to the regional final, which we just won this week.

Then after numerous rounds the UK puts forward a few teams to the European Finals; two years ago this was won by another team from St. Paul’s School called Team Summit.

I wish Team Spinnaker the best in the competition - it is a great idea, it works well and appeals to a wide range of ages.  Good luck !!!

For more information or to support these youngsters during the competion - please visit the links below:

Twitter: @drinkfruush

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