28 Jun 2013

Euro Tour - Rory Vs Robot.

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Rory McIlroy has beaten just about every human on the planet so for the latest European Tour challenge he's up against a robot. Or a Golf Laboratory Computer Controlled Hitting Machine to be precise.


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Tango's back on telly. See the pure orange intensity inside every can #ARGH

20 Jun 2013

Aptamil – Growing up Milk

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11 Jun 2013

Diono Solar Eclipse Sun Shade

Diono have children's safety as their number one concern.  With Summer 'hopefully' fast approaching people will be travelling for days out and holidays.

Diono have produced a perfect sunshade to help protect passengers from harmful UPF rays.  The sunshade has 2 layers, one layer is a full blackout layer which is UPF 50+ and the other is a mesh style screen which does not provide UPF protection but does take the glare away from the sun.

What I like is that you can keep the rear of the car cooler by using the mesh screen, it stops direct sunlight from hitting the occupants in the rear of the car - but you can still see through it.  This is good when checking blind spots etc... as it is see-through and passengers who are travel sick can still see where they are going.

However if the sun gets too hot, you are in a traffic jam or the passenger by the window falls asleep, you can easily pull down the full blind and block out the sun and UPF rays.

The screen is easy to use, it is held in place by suction cups or window hooks.  This means that you can also use the screen on the train (suction cups) or transfer from car to car as you travel.

The screen is 35cm wide and is rewound by pressing one button.  You do need to remove the screen if you plan on opening the window as obviously if it is stuck to the window it will travel down with it!

I use ours with our Labrador Ruby if we are popping into the supermarket and she is with us.  I open the windows a few inches then put the blind onto the side of the car where the sun is streaming in.  The full-screen not only stops Ruby from getting too hot and her nose burnt, but also stops her from barking at other people.

Available from:
Amazon, Halfords and Jojomamanbebe   Prices vary.

1 Jun 2013

Scratch Fresh Meal Kits

Scratch Fresh Meal Kits are a NEW and BRILLIANT idea!

I would aim Scratch meals at a target market are young professional people, but I am not young or particularly professional ;) and I love them!

The idea is that people do not have time to cook from scratch any more, with the prices of fresh goods rising by the day people tend to buy pre-prepared meals and just zap them in the microwave.

This is fine, microwave meals contain some good ingredients and some companies are trying to make them more healthy, they are convenient but .... still not necessarily good for you!

This is where Phil Pinnell ( ) and top chef Michel Roux OBE combined their knowledge and love of good food to launch Scratch!

Scratch Kits contain all the fresh ingredients to cook a meal for 2 people.  The range of kits consist of:
Green Thai Chicken Curry
Singaporean Crayfish Noodle Laksa 
King Prawn and Chorizo Paella
Makhani Chicken Tikka Massala
Tagiatelle Pistachio Pesto

Each meal takes on average 8 minutes to make, from start to finish ... which for 2 people is quicker than zapping to pre-packed meals.  You can see, feel, taste and smell each ingredient as you physically have to put it into the pan - so there are no hidden extras or surprises either.

The meals are simple to make ... and if you are a complete numpty Scratch have even provided video tutorials to help you along :)

Each meal has their own page on the website http://mealsfromscratch.co.uk/ to assist you with choice and preparation.   You can check ingredients  cooking times and what equipment you may need (saucepan, wok, etc...).

We tried out the Makhani Chicken Tikka Massala, I bought 2 packs as there are 3 of us and this was plenty.
I would say for 'big eaters' one pack may be a little too small for 2 people and you may wish to top it up with some nan breads or other bits.

I combined both packs into one pan and it cooked through lovely.  The instructions were clear and the fragrance while cooking was divine.  From opening the packets to serving was around 10 minutes, there was no preparation involved as all ingredients were ready to throw in the pan.

We liked them - I am not sure if we would purchase them regularly, but I would definitely invest in them if I was having friends over for dinner after work.  They were tasty but quick to make.

For more information please visit: http://mealsfromscratch.co.uk/
Available to purchase from Waitrose.




DermaSalve is the first ever moisturising cream with NO known irritants.
The range contain NO Alcohol, Parabens, Butylated Hydroxyanisole, Lanolin or Derivatives, Fragrance, Beeswax, Benzyl Benzoate, Benzyl Cinnamate or Propylene Glycol like many other skincare, baby and moisturising companies use in their products.

Instead Dermasalve products contain natural oils such as Jojoba, Aloe Vera and Wheatgerm to moisturise and soothe skin then add in Antioxidents to improve skin condition.

My favourite product so far is their HAND CREAM.  The cream comes in a very large 200ml pump tube, where one pump of cream is more than enough to moisturise and soothe tired cracked hands.

The cream is brilliant white which looks clean and fresh.  The cream can be smoothed over delicate areas of your hands quickly and is very easy to apply.

This is where my description becomes difficult.... the cream almost has a waxy feel, your hands get very moist but not sticky and you can feel a slight waxy surface. I applied the cream, massaged it in, then wiped my hands on a paper towel as my hands felt very wet.  My hands felt very smooth, slightly waxy but comfortable, almost like a good quality barrier cream.

So far I am most impressed with the skin around my fingernails, this usually cracks and is quite sore - I have applied the cream once a day for the past 3 days and the skin is less inflamed and sore - so I am very happy.  The rest of my hands are obviously smoother too, but its my nail area I am really happy with.

Last Sunday I got sunburnt (because I am silly and didn't apply sunscreen!). My arms even nearly a week later are still a little red even though I have been applying body butters and aftersun all week. 

I decided to try DermaSalves BODY CREAM on one arm to see if it improved my skin and red complexion.
The cream is a little thinner compared to the hand cream, it is also a more creamy colour.  The body cream soaks in almost instantly and again isn't sticky.  It does leave the waxy feel but its more of a moistening feel rather than a barrier cream.

After 3 days the skin on my right arm is less red than my left.  I have still applied creams to my left but the DermaSalve seems to have soothed the redness and made it turn brown quicker.

It states that a little goes a long way, however I found that it soaks in quite quickly and so I did need to apply quite a big blob to cover the whole area that I wanted to cover.   If you apply this after a bath or shower then I think the water on your skin will help spread it out more evenly....on sore sunburnt skin my skin just sucked it up!

Finally I was sent the BABY & INFANT CREAM to try.  I thought initially it was a nappy salve, but its more of an all-over body cream.  It is bright white and the same consistency as the body cream, but when you apply it it goes very wet as you smooth it round.
My immediate impression was not good, but then I realised that on a wiggly babies skin you will need it to feel wet in order to spread it all over without catching or pulling at their delicate skin, so I can understand why it goes wet until it soaks in.  The cream does disappear quite quickly into the skin and for this product a little blob does go along way.  Again it is a pump dispenser so easy to select how much you want to use.

All creams smell of nothing!  Well there is a 'cream' smell but I couldn't pick it out or give it a name.  My skin is moisturised, I have had no irritations or unpleasantness from any of the 3 different styles that I have tested.

For people with skin complaints I would suggest DermaSalve as a brand to try, they are light and non-greasy and contain nothing that can aggravate your condition.  Each application can last up to 12 hours and you can feel and see improved skin condition.

For more information please visit: www.dermasalve.net

Badge It!

Badge It! returns by popular demand after calls from the craft loving public to reintroduce this much loved toy. Released in the UK in 2003, over 1/2 million makers were sold in the first year and Badge It! picked up the ‘Creative Toy of the Year’ award. Now with craft making experiencing a surge in popularity Badge It! returns.

The Badge It! maker has got quick, simple, no-mess badge making all buttoned up!  Make unique, high quality metal badges in seconds of your favourite pop star, footballer or pet. The award winning design makes creativity simple as there’s no glue and no mess. You can use photos, pictures from magazines or your own drawings to make the badges you want. 
So get creative, and wear your badge with pride!

This week Emma (age 12) has created badges using the colourful badge templates supplied, then using these as inspiration has created her own on the computer, printed them and made them into her own unique badges using the machine and badge blanks.  
She has created badges by cutting out small parts of her teen magazines, overlapping them slightly (they can't be too thick) and then pressed them into blank badges.  They actually looked quite snazzy!!

You can easily buy refil kits for the Badge-It machine from leadning toy shops, argos, amazon and some supermarkets.  So the design skills and processes are endless.

For more information or to purchase Bandai toys please visit:

Techpet offer


Bandai’s TechPet, an app based toy with the addition of an iPhone or iPod Touch, was originally £59.99, and is now better than half price at only £20 at The Entertainer for a limited time only. Don’t miss this chance to get hold of one of the hit toys of this summer!


 Powered by a free app from iTunes, the TechPet can perform tricks tail, sing and dance!

TechPet can respond to your voice and hand commands. Just put TechPet into ‘Trick mode’ and speak or gesture the set commands to make TechPet come to life

When in ‘Sitting pose’ TechPet can be used as a personal music player using the built in speaker and can even shake its head to the music!

 The more you interact with TechPet the more you discover. Raise TechPet’s level to unlock over 100 new tricks, items and looks to customise your experience

 TechPet can communicate with other TechPets, too! Watch them sing and dance together and also check their compatibility with a friendship test.

To purchase TechPet for £20 go to 


My review of Harumika 'Belly Dance' Designer Dress Form Set.
By Emma Guest age 12.

I always wanted to be a fashion designer, and now with harumika I can! 
I didn't need glue or tape, just the things which came with the box! It was easy to use and I ended up playing with it for hours on end. 

The Harumika set gave me something to do this week during the May school holidays as there was nothing good on the TV.  The set came with different cut out fabric but I could also use my own or buy more from local shops in different colours!

I think 9-12 years old would like it most due to how it looks, it looks like its for older kids more than young kids aged 6-8.  I am not sure if younger kids would really know what to do with it, they prefer drawing and colouring in rather than actual fashion designing.

I liked to use the accessories provided and then find bits of fabric from other Harumika sets that I got for Christmas to update the designs that I had made or change them completely.  The Belly Dance set came with one model to use, but by combining a few sets I had quite a fashion catwalk going on.
The sets are mess free and easy to use, they are also easy to tidy up but I would suggest getting a box to put all the bits of fabric and models into to keep it altogether.   Different Harumika sets have different things in them, they are easy to collect and all work with each other.

I think Harumika are good for school holidays, Birthday and Christmas gifts or something to save your pocket money for.

You can buy the sets from all leading toy shops, Argos and some supermarkets.  Priced between £10-£35 depending on which set you buy.