11 Jun 2013

Diono Solar Eclipse Sun Shade

Diono have children's safety as their number one concern.  With Summer 'hopefully' fast approaching people will be travelling for days out and holidays.

Diono have produced a perfect sunshade to help protect passengers from harmful UPF rays.  The sunshade has 2 layers, one layer is a full blackout layer which is UPF 50+ and the other is a mesh style screen which does not provide UPF protection but does take the glare away from the sun.

What I like is that you can keep the rear of the car cooler by using the mesh screen, it stops direct sunlight from hitting the occupants in the rear of the car - but you can still see through it.  This is good when checking blind spots etc... as it is see-through and passengers who are travel sick can still see where they are going.

However if the sun gets too hot, you are in a traffic jam or the passenger by the window falls asleep, you can easily pull down the full blind and block out the sun and UPF rays.

The screen is easy to use, it is held in place by suction cups or window hooks.  This means that you can also use the screen on the train (suction cups) or transfer from car to car as you travel.

The screen is 35cm wide and is rewound by pressing one button.  You do need to remove the screen if you plan on opening the window as obviously if it is stuck to the window it will travel down with it!

I use ours with our Labrador Ruby if we are popping into the supermarket and she is with us.  I open the windows a few inches then put the blind onto the side of the car where the sun is streaming in.  The full-screen not only stops Ruby from getting too hot and her nose burnt, but also stops her from barking at other people.

Available from:
Amazon, Halfords and Jojomamanbebe   Prices vary.

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