1 Jun 2013

Scratch Fresh Meal Kits

Scratch Fresh Meal Kits are a NEW and BRILLIANT idea!

I would aim Scratch meals at a target market are young professional people, but I am not young or particularly professional ;) and I love them!

The idea is that people do not have time to cook from scratch any more, with the prices of fresh goods rising by the day people tend to buy pre-prepared meals and just zap them in the microwave.

This is fine, microwave meals contain some good ingredients and some companies are trying to make them more healthy, they are convenient but .... still not necessarily good for you!

This is where Phil Pinnell ( ) and top chef Michel Roux OBE combined their knowledge and love of good food to launch Scratch!

Scratch Kits contain all the fresh ingredients to cook a meal for 2 people.  The range of kits consist of:
Green Thai Chicken Curry
Singaporean Crayfish Noodle Laksa 
King Prawn and Chorizo Paella
Makhani Chicken Tikka Massala
Tagiatelle Pistachio Pesto

Each meal takes on average 8 minutes to make, from start to finish ... which for 2 people is quicker than zapping to pre-packed meals.  You can see, feel, taste and smell each ingredient as you physically have to put it into the pan - so there are no hidden extras or surprises either.

The meals are simple to make ... and if you are a complete numpty Scratch have even provided video tutorials to help you along :)

Each meal has their own page on the website http://mealsfromscratch.co.uk/ to assist you with choice and preparation.   You can check ingredients  cooking times and what equipment you may need (saucepan, wok, etc...).

We tried out the Makhani Chicken Tikka Massala, I bought 2 packs as there are 3 of us and this was plenty.
I would say for 'big eaters' one pack may be a little too small for 2 people and you may wish to top it up with some nan breads or other bits.

I combined both packs into one pan and it cooked through lovely.  The instructions were clear and the fragrance while cooking was divine.  From opening the packets to serving was around 10 minutes, there was no preparation involved as all ingredients were ready to throw in the pan.

We liked them - I am not sure if we would purchase them regularly, but I would definitely invest in them if I was having friends over for dinner after work.  They were tasty but quick to make.

For more information please visit: http://mealsfromscratch.co.uk/
Available to purchase from Waitrose.


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