1 Jun 2013

Techpet offer


Bandai’s TechPet, an app based toy with the addition of an iPhone or iPod Touch, was originally £59.99, and is now better than half price at only £20 at The Entertainer for a limited time only. Don’t miss this chance to get hold of one of the hit toys of this summer!


 Powered by a free app from iTunes, the TechPet can perform tricks tail, sing and dance!

TechPet can respond to your voice and hand commands. Just put TechPet into ‘Trick mode’ and speak or gesture the set commands to make TechPet come to life

When in ‘Sitting pose’ TechPet can be used as a personal music player using the built in speaker and can even shake its head to the music!

 The more you interact with TechPet the more you discover. Raise TechPet’s level to unlock over 100 new tricks, items and looks to customise your experience

 TechPet can communicate with other TechPets, too! Watch them sing and dance together and also check their compatibility with a friendship test.

To purchase TechPet for £20 go to 

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