1 Oct 2013

Shoplet Review

I have been asked to review a range of products available from www.shoplet.co.uk

Shoplet is an online office supplies store that offers one of the largest online selections of office and business products! No matter what your business needs, they can supply it.
Even better, their unique fulfillment system and low overhead allow them to sell those supplies at unheard-of prices. 
Shoplet also offer bulk discounts and preferred partner pricing.

Need it fast? No problem - Shoplet ship from a vast network of warehouses, ensuring nearly all products are available for next-day delivery. Of course, there's only one way to improve next-day delivery: make it free. 
So, all orders over £30, with a very few exceptions, ship next-day absolutely free.

Rexel Nimbus Letter Tray

I have used letter trays in the past and have found that letters and documents have got wedged at the back, missed or lost under a stack of papers.

The Rexel Nimbus Letter Tray is actually quite smooth and sleek.  It doesn't teeter on little legs between trays, they stack by using the whole top edge of each tray, so no wobbly letter trays on your desk.
The letter tray is made from strong clear acrylic which looks and feels like thick glass but is very very strong.
The tray's inner size is 320mm x 240mm which is wider than A4 with some good room to spare on the width but fits snuggly on the length (so no lost papers at the back).
To sit on a desk without slipping the letter tray has two rubber feet which are also clear.

I am impressed by the quality and style of the Rexel Nimbus Letter Tray.  
RRP £7.81 (ex VAT).

Igenix 2 Slice Toaster

Did you know that not all toasters have a removable crumb tray? Sometimes you have to take your toaster into the garden and shake it upside down over the bird table for the crumbs to come out (always shake it outside, the birds love the crumbs!).  Well this toaster has a tray and a lot more gadgets too :)

The settings allow you to toast from frozen and also reheat items.  The browning can be adjusted by turning the dial (no faffy buttons), and the slots are wide enough for crumpets but move in and out on their own to hold bread securely. 

My only quibble is that it is quite slow, but for only £10.66 (ex VAT) you can't really complain.

The toaster comes with 2 years warranty which is fantastic. It has an area underneath to store the cord and there is no need to worry about the sides getting hot as the walls remain cool when in use.

All-in-all for a toaster thats a little over £10 its a good product, I keep mine in my caravan - perfect for holiday breakfast :)

RRP £10.66 (ex VAT)

Brita Optimax Cool Memo Water Filter

We have never thought about having a water filter before, my in-laws have a water filter system in the door of their fridge which we use when we go round, but we have never had one at home.

The Optimax Cool Memo Water Filter is a water container that fits on the shelf of your fridge.  It is quite big and holds 7.5 litres of water, the shape of the container does give you small handles in which to carry it when full, but I still found it tricky not to spill it everywhere when lifting it onto the shelf of my fridge.

The set-up was easy to do.  I unwrapped the Brita filter and followed the initial use instructions before placing it in the slot inside the water filter container.  Then all I had to to was turn on the clever counter which measures use of the filter and shows you how much life is left in it, then fill it with water.

Emma (my daughter) has had the first taste (I left it for 3 hours to cool) and said that the water tastes of 'nothing'.  This is a good recommendation as at present our water tastes of chlorine as the water board have been messing with the pipes in the next street.

This unit can also be placed on the kitchen worktop, you don't have to put it in the fridge if you don't want too or do not have the space too.  The filter still works effectively outside of the fridge.

At £47.64 (ex VAT) it is a little pricey, but I am sure that time will tell to see if we prefer filtered water to water direct from the tap.  Now I am off to go and make a nice cup-of-tea using filtered water :)

Avery Eco Pen Pot

For an Avery product I thought this would be better, I am actually quite disappointed.

In the picture the product is in one piece, in real-life the compartment part comes away from the outer piece.  They do not seem to fit together snugly and even if forced together, they come apart again and jiggle around.
The product would be better if the two parts were ultra-sonically welded together (plastic welded) as this would make it more sturdy and value for money.

On a good note, I now have two pots, one with compartments and another thats a big empty leaf shaped pot.

However the compartments are good sizes with the back ones being very very deep so that you can store items such as rulers and scissors.
The sections become shallower the further you come to the front so that the ones at the front are great for holding paper clips etc.....

I would give this item 6/10.

RRP £7.34 (ex VAT)

BIC Kids Couleur Medium Felt Tip Pens

Good quality medium nib felt tip pens, they last quite a long time even after quite heavy use.  The colours are quite bright and they wash out of clothing easily.   When colouring they do not go through the paper, which is great for school work.
From BIC I did expect them to be good and I was impressed.  I have been using these with my students at work and they too find them easy to colour with to gain good results.

RRP £2.88 (ex VAT)

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