18 Feb 2014

Free Personalised Cookbook and Apron, For Your Recipes

Free Personalised Cookbook and Apron, For Your Recipes

Create the perfect kitchen keepsakes for your family and friends, with a free personalised cookbook and apron - simply by sharing your love of food.

New recipe-sharing website Gourmandize.co.uk, are inviting all food buffs and kitchen connoisseurs from across the UK & Ireland, to create their very own free deluxe cookbook, and also receive a free personalised apron.

Whether they are your own culinary creations, family favourites or shared recipes between friends, your deluxe-edition A4 cookbook will be the perfect keepsake or gift to share with others.

And with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, why not ditch the oh-so-obvious red roses and teddy bears and make something truly unique for your someone special.
To get started, simply become a member of Gourmandize UK & Ireland, and begin adding your prized recipes and culinary treats to our site at Gourmandize.co.uk.

Once you’ve uploaded your first 10 recipes, you can begin to craft your own bookshop-quality cookbook, at no cost, and with no shipping fees.

Once you’ve added 40 of your recipes - and photographs, should you choose - just hit complete and your new customised cookbook and apron will be on your kitchen counter in no time.

Next personalise your own burgundy-coloured apron, with your name, the names’ of friends or family, or even add your own creative touch, such as ‘Queen of the Kitchen’ or ‘Baking Boss.’

To start making your no-cost cookbook and receive your free apron visit 
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