23 Jun 2017

Dark Walnut 12 Bottle Wall Wine Rack

Dark Walnut 12 Bottle Wall Wine Rack

I have been reviewing a wine bottle storage rack which holds 12 bottles from Expovinalia, a company from Spain who specialise in wine storage solutions.

The rack measures 8cm x 8cm x 85cm, the unit contains the screws and fixings ready for you to anchor it to a wall in your kitchen or entertaining area.

The product is really sturdy, with no sharp or pointy edges.  The ends of the unit are rounded and sanded so that it looks sleek and sophisticated.  Each bottle hole is expertly drilled and equally spaced apart, again the edges are smooth.

The rack is very sturdy, but is also very light in weight.  It is made from pine wood, then stained to a dark walnut colour.  This makes the product look much more expensive than what it actually costs.

At present I am having a new kitchen extension built onto my house, so I am unable to fix the unit to the wall, however with the construction of the product I see no issue with the unit when I come to fix it up later.

You can purchase the wine rack directly through the Expovinalia store at amazon.co.uk they also have a wide range of wine storage solutions available for different sizes and wine storage capacities. 

At present (June 2017) the 12 bottle wine rack is retailing at £34.07 with FREE Delivery in the UK from the Expovinalia Amazon store.

You can also send them an email to either purchase from them direct or to ask for more information:  Comercial@expovinalia.com
(The cost directly from Spain is 45 euros with postage included).

A very good product, sturdy, sleek and practical.
The company also has good communication and great customer service skills.