30 Sep 2009

Randy Kazandy, Where Are Your Glasses?

Randy Kazandy, Where Are Your Glasses?
Los Angeles, CA based author Rhonda Fischer has created a colorful and fun filled children’s book all about Randy Kazandy, a young boy who needs glasses to correct his vision problems.
Only Randy Kazandy hates his glasses. He thinks they make him look like an alien from outer space.
So he does everything he can to not wear his glasses, and even gets rid of them in some very ingenious and devious ways.
Only his mother has another pair, and then another pair, and even another pair.
Will Randy ever get used to wearing his glasses?

A great story book for young readers to read themselves or as a bedtime story for young children. The story rhymes as you read each paragraph and the illustrations by Kim Sponaugle are adorable. Randy Kazandy really comes to life as you read the book, you can feel his despair at having to wear glasses and as a parent I wondered how his mother kept so calm with his spectacles disappearing acts !! My daughter read the book herself and enjoyed the storyline, she laughed at his antics but did comment after that if she was to lose stuff on purpose "I would go wappy!" 'apparently'.

Randy Kazandy, Where Are You Glasses is based on the real life experiences of her brother in-law, Randy Jacque, who was born cross eyed, had to have corrective surgery and wear corrective lenses from the age of 17 months. He struggled with having to wear glasses, and did everything he could to get out of it. It took Rhonda 12 years to write the book and get it published.

We loved the storybook in our house but feel it is suited to children aged 6 and under.

Randy Kazandy Where Are Your Glasses?
Written by Rhonda Fischer
Illustrated by Kim Sponaugle

ISBN 978-0-9820163-0-5 Published by Whim Publishing
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