26 Sep 2009

Ryman - Super Mega Art Set

Super Mega Art Set - 258 Piece Set

The Super Mega Art Set from Ryman comes in its own case, everything neatly laid out and packed tight so that nothing gets lost in transit.

With 258 pieces it is a brilliant set for all budding artists, it includes a comprehensive selection of art equipment including:
48 colour pencils,
48 jumbo markers,
48 fine line markers.
60 oil pastels,
24 watercolour pencils,
1 palette,
18 watercolour paints,
3 HB pencils,
3 paint brushes,
1 water bottle,
2 erasers
and 2 sharpeners.

What I like most about this set are the oil pastels, the range of colours are incredible! I have owned many sets of oil pastels and I have never seen as many colours as this .. to own this set for the oil pastels would save a lot of blending as the variations in colours are ready to use.

I also admire both of the coloured pencil types as they are cylindrical and not hexagon like many brands of colouring pencils (the HB pencils in the set are hexagon). Cylindrical pencils are much easier to use for shading and they do not make your hand ache after long use, they are also quick and easy to sharpen.

The watercolour paint set also has a range of colours, but it isn't brilliant. Most of the colours are pinks and oranges, with only one blue. There is a black, grey and brown, but the majority are shades that can be easily mixed and 'good' primary colours are missing as is a white.

Two erasers and pencil sharpeners are a great idea as these easily get misplaced after a while. Also the mini water bottle is a brilliant idea, it has a tight fitting lid so you can carry water with you, not much water I might add, but enough.

Biggest let downs are the paint brushes being the cheap plastic brushes when they could have easily added in one good brush instead of three budget ones. The markers (or felt tips) are all of a budget range, however you do get an extensive range of colours and so they will last a while if looked after properly.

My worry is the case, it is a good size and has a strong carry handle but the plastic it is made from is quite thin and flimsy. I feel that after a few uses the case could start to rip at weak points (like the edge/hinge between the two sides), it reminds me of the plastic used in section boxes at Christmas.

I do though like this set and if someone brought me one I would be happy with it. More for a budding GCSE artist than a Uni student the set with a little imagination could help create some wonderful artistic pieces.

The best bit is the price, the whole set is only £12.99 !! An affordable price for Back to School or as a Christmas Present.
Even though the quality is a little low I would personally have priced the set higher, so I am really impressed - well done Ryman.


My rating: 9/10 for price but 6/10 for quality.

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