6 Oct 2009

Colour Buddy - Imagination Pictures

Colour Buddy - Imagination Pictures

Do you remember 'Wheres Wally?' the picture books with 'Wally' hidden in the picture somewhere?

Well now we have Colour Buddy ... different products that you can colour in with a list of objects to find within the picture .. you have to use your imagination as they are not always obvious!!

I have reviewed 2 poster style products:

Colour Buddy®™: The Imagination Poster game - Poster Size A1.
There are 58 pictures to find in this Colour Buddy®™ game. All these pictures can be found printed around the edge of the poster.

Colour Buddy®™: Imagination Geometric poster game - Poster Size A1.
There are 30 pictures to find in this Colour Buddy®™ game.

Could I find all the objects? Well urm ... I found a couple, then discovered that if I coloured them in as I found them it makes the discovery process a bit less tricky.
These posters are amazing, the detail that has been put into them is astounding. I was really impressed with that if you stand a few feet back from the images you can see yet more shapes and patterns forming ... they really do test your imagination.

I am planning on taking my posters into work (I work in a Higher Education College) for our staff room, you see the Colour Buddy products are not just for kids - they are for all ages.
I will warn you though, they can get obsessive! then you go bog-eyed and fall over, but its worth it.

New products will be available soon http://www.colourbuddy.co.uk/newproducts.html including a jigsaw piece game and also cards to send to friends or relatives.

On the Colour Buddy website you can 'try before you buy' with a FREE Download of a Colour Buddy poster http://www.colourbuddy.co.uk/download.html which is great, print off a couple of copies and see who can find the most objects first.

http://www.colourbuddy.co.uk/index.html Colour Buddy's come in a range of styles to suit all tastes. Please see the website for more information and prices.
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