27 Oct 2009

Earth Baby Organics

Earth Baby - Organic Baby Products

EARTH BABY ORGANICS is not just another organic baby care line. It is as special as your baby’s needs. They use their own OleoSpheres™ technology. This amazing technology was awarded the Frost & Sullivan Technology of the Year Award in the personal care category.

Earth Baby kindly sent me some products to review including Tiny Bubble Baby Shampoo, Cuddle Soft Baby Lotion, Soothe 'N Comfort Diaper Rash Cream and a gorgeous Cosmetic Bag.

I'll start with the cosmetic bag, first impression was 'wow its huge!' ... but it isn't huge ?? Priced at $13.50 this is a well made double skinned padded bag.

Suitable for carrying baby bits around or for your own cosmetics it is spacious and sturdy. I have zipped the zip back and forth and not once has the fabric got caught in it (which is what normally happens to me).

The cosmetic bag isn't waterproof but it is made from a very tight weave cotton, I am presuming that you could wash this bag in your washing machine (low heat - gentle wash) as it seems very hardy.

I am impressed as all 3 full size products fit inside and it is still small enough to put into your hand luggage.

The Soothe 'N Comfort Diaper Rash Cream is a really good handbag sized tube. Good quality packaging and closure means no worries about leakage in your bag.

The Diaper Rash Cream has a soothing sensation. The all-natural zinc-based cream heals, protects and prevents diaper rash. Soothing oat protein, comforts irritated skin and leaves a protective barrier that is bacteria-free. A touch of rosemary has little bottoms smelling fresh and clean.

What I like about it is the texture of the cream, it is thick but rubs in easily - you could even use this as hand cream if you have very sore dry hands (although I would suggest it to be an overnight treatment). Being light it is quite oily and leaves a slight shimmer on the skin.

Soothe 'N Comfort Diaper Rash Cream doesn't smell like typical 'bum creams', it doesn't smell clinical as the fragrance contains Chamomile Oil, Lavender Oil and Vanilla. However it does smell 'oily' which is hard to describe.

Priced at $13.00 for 2oz/57 grammes it is a good priced for a quality product that is hypoallergenic and phthalate free.

Tiny Bubble Baby Shampoo reminds me of holidays! Why? I don't actually know ?? I think the fragrance reminds me of a posh suntan lotion that I once used (you know one of those pricey brands). Again the fragrance contains Chamomile Oil, Lavender Oil and Vanilla, but this smells delicious and not oily like the diaper cream.

Anyhow ... the shampoo runs easily out of the bottle which has its good and bad points: Good because if you are washing babies hair it is easier to dispense onto babies hair without having to squeeze. Bad if you are heavy handed (like me) as you end up with far too much shampoo, plus also if the bottle falls over it runs everywhere.

You only need a small amount of Tiny Bubbles Baby Shampoo, it foams nicely forming lovely smooth white bubbles and washes out just as easily. Hair felt clean and conditioned and my hands felt very soft and silky.

Being tear free is great as if you accidentally get the suds into babies eyes then they are easily washed with clean cool water without much screaming involved. Psssttt.... you can also use the shampoo to wash your dog, doggy comes out clean and shiny with a lovely coat and doesn't have sore eyes!

Priced at $15.00 for 6 fl oz / 177ml it is a fair price for a good well balanced product.

Cuddle Soft Baby Lotion is again very light, a little goes a long way and your skin smells divine.

Again the fragrance is familiar and matches the shampoo and diaper cream. The lotion soaks into the skin easily and doesn't leave baby feeling slimy or filmy. Skin feels cool to the touch and refreshed. Good for mum too as my hands feel lovely and silky, again without that sticky slimy feeling.

Containing a moisture-rich blend of cocoa butter, essential oils of chamomile, vanilla, and honey the lotion takes the joy of snuggling to a whole new level.

Priced at $16.50 for 6 fl oz / 177ml it is quite pricey but a little does go a long way and so one bottle will last quite a while.

You can find more Earth Baby Organic products and information on their website: http://www.earthbaby-organics.com/

I like their range, you know that all products are organic and there are no 'added nastys' being put onto your babies skin. Suitable for all babies even your newborn.

My rating: 9/10

Earth Baby Organics is a USA company based in Beverly Hills, CA 90210
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