9 Oct 2009

A Quarter Of ... The Old Fashioned Sweet Shop

A Quarter Of ... The Best Sweets Ever !!!

We like sweets :) any type of sweets, especially the old favorites.

My Nan & Grandad used to own a Newsagents, I spent Wednesday afternoons sat behind the counter eating White Chocolate Mice direct from the storage boxes hidden under the counter for the Penny Sweets Bags, to this day I blame my sweet tooth (and size 22 dress size) on those white mice but oh they were tasty!

When I discovered "A Quarter Of" my mouth started watering, I started to twitch and when my box of Halloween goodies arrived I was greatly annoyed when my husband Andy barged me out of the way shouting "Mine! The postman handed the box to me !!".

Squabbling aside there was enough in the box to feed an army of trick or treaters, so we went back to being civil to each other and dug into 250g of white mice, 250g of jelly Dracula fangs, 10 bags of fizz whizz, 250g of scary jelly skeletons and 250g of eyeballs (terror eyes).

Now please don't get me wrong ... its a lot of sweets and after stuffing ourselves silly for a good 10 minutes we put the rest back into the box for another day (to save ourselves from nasty results).

I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised, the sweets were all fresh, properly formed (no dodgy miss-shapes) and expertly packaged. On returning to the website the choice of sweets is immense ... they have so many to choose from that they have categorised them! Available to purchase are Boiled & Crunchy through to Choco Heaven, Gift Boxes and ready packed selections are available for all events (eg.. Birthday, Christmas, Halloween).

With Halloween coming up their Halloween section is gruesome (in a good way!) http://www.aquarterof.co.uk/gift-ideas-halloween-c-109_10001.html with 35 different Halloween themed sweets you'll have Trick Or Treaters queueing around the block to knock at your door.

For Birthdays children's party bags will be bulging with delicacy's http://www.aquarterof.co.uk/gift-ideas-party-bags-c-109_918.html

The shop also caters for Weddings with a selection of coloured themed wedding favours http://www.aquarterof.co.uk/gift-ideas-wedding-sweets-favours-c-109_9222.html brilliant !!

What attracts me most to 'A Quarter Of' is their Sugar Free, Gelatine Free and Gluten Free ranges ... they have something for everyone.
Please visit the site for more information and pricing in regards to shipping costs.
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