11 Oct 2009

Savlon Day Out First Aid Kit

Savlon Day Out First Aid Kit

You just know its going to happen .. its like Mum's can see into the future, picture the scene: Your little one happily skipping along the pavement, then running a bit, then skipping, then tripping, then screaming! Happened to you? you immediately tell them off for running/skipping :) dig in your pocket for a nearly clean tissue and mop up the scrapes and blood (as this will have to do until you get home).

Well now your children can trip up and cut their knees (hands and chins) as much as they like as Savlon have brought out a mini Day Out First Aid Kit, how cool it that!

This handy Savlon Day Out First Aid Kit provides essential first aid items for minor cuts and grazes. The convenient size means it fits easily into your bag or pocket making it ideal to take on holiday, on days out or to keep in the car, so you’ll always be prepared for those little emergencies.

The canvas zip locked kit contains 2 x Savlon Cleansing Wipes with Antiseptic, Savlon Antiseptic Cream (15g), 4 x Savlon fabric plasters, a money off coupon and a specially created 'Savlon Little Guide to First Aid'.

Plus in the mini bag there is room to add bits and pieces of your own should your children need it (eg.. a spare asthma inhaler, prescribed medication or a couple of headache tablets for you ready for mid-afternoon).

Available from Boots, Pharmacies and major supermarkets RRP: £3.50-£4.00

For more information please visit: http://www.savlon.co.uk/products/firstaid_kits.html

My rating: 9/10

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