17 Oct 2009

simplehuman - Sensor Soap Pump

simplehuman: Touch-Free Sensor Soap Pump
At South Staffordshire College we have a newly built 'Independent Living Skills' Log Cabin on site to teach our SLDD students how to care for themselves and to learn new skills. We teach everything from how to cook to how to make a bed, it is amazing sometimes the skills that we take for granted that others require help to achieve.

Outside the ILS Log Cabin

The kitchen and main teaching area

simplehuman asked us to review some of their 'Touch-free sensor soap pumps' in our kitchen and bathroom areas. Obviously for privacy reasons I cannot post photos of the students using them but from my photos you can see the dispensers in action.

Kitchen sink

I placed the 14 fl oz black bodied unit in the kitchen area, it was great as the light blinks for 20 seconds so you know how long to ideally wash your hands for ... great when cleaning students hands before a cookery class!
The students loved the idea that everything was instant, you wave your hand under the spout and soap appears in your hand.

We loved the fact that no germs were put onto the unit before cleaning and that the dispenser automatically gave the correct amount of hand soap (we have known students to fill their hands with it then have to spend 10 minutes trying to wash it off again).

The soap volume can be adjusted (1-2 for most liquid hand soaps, 3-4 for thicker soap or lotion) we found that number 1 was fine and gave a good amount.

The only problem we had with the black 14 fl oz unit is that the sensor is at the bottom, the students always put their hands to the spout so missing the sensor, luckily there is a continuous dispensing button on the top that the lecturer could push to help the soap 'magically' appear.

Bathroom sink

Bathroom area (totally accessible for students with mobility difficulties)
I placed the silver 8 fl oz dispenser into the bathroom area. This bathroom is a working disabled toilet but it is used to teach cleaning (the toilet, bath, shower isn't used for toileting or personal use). However the sink is used to wash hands and we have a hand dryer for drying after.

Again everyone loved the soap dispenser and this design was a lot more user friendly. With the sensor next to the elongated spout it means the soap comes out as the students hands are placed underneath it. We also liked the auto on/off switch as unless the unit is placed on a flat surface - no soap comes out, this is a great safety function.

Black 14fl oz dispenser £34.99
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South Staffordshire College SLDD Dept would like to thank simplehuman for their support.
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