13 Oct 2009

Vital Eyes - Eye Drops

Vital Eyes - Eye Drops
Tiredness, smoky atmospheres, computer screens and air conditioning can leave eyes looking dull and feeling irritated, uncomfortable and dried out.

Suitable for everyday use .. Vital Eyes eye drops can put the sparkle and moisture back into your eyes!

Liquid drops in a tiny bottle that can be kept discreetly in your handbag or pocket, are suitable for daily use whenever you feel you need them. You only require one or two drops so you don't have to worry about your make-up running down your cheeks or looking like a startled rabbit for the next hour.

The Brightening drops add sparkle to your eyes, great if you are off out down the pub *wink wink* to add a little sparkle to your outfit .... you never know who's heart you could twinkle ;) (works with current partners too).

The Moisturising drops refresh your eyes when you need it most, drop in a couple of drops when you get that scratchy feeling before you start to rub them and look all scarily red eyed. Great for late nights at the office, or after a long hard day ... a bit of a treat for your peepers.

Do not use if you are wearing contact lenses.
Discard after 1 month of opening.

Available from most major supermarkets and chemists on the high street and online.
10ml bottles: RRP £3.10-£3.50 depending on retailer

My rating 8/10

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