18 Nov 2009

Anorak Magazine

Anorak Magazine

The first thing that struck me about Anorak magazine is how colourful it is ... as you flick though the luxurious thick paper pages the colours hit you like you are reading a rainbow of information.

The magazine is aimed at children, the magazine is smaller than the usual kids mags (that you buy from the supermarket) but it has approx 80 pages so it is pretty chunky! We found the size excellent for reading in the car as it wasn't so tall that it hit the seat in front. Emma also suggested that it is a great size to read on a plane, it would fit on the seat tray and it would keep her entertained for a few hours.

I have honestly never seen so many colourful detailed pages in my life! Each page has chunks of information, just enough for a young child to either read by themselves or have read to them (without loosing the will to live after a few pages) and actually absorb the information presented to them. The illustrations are relevant and current to today's 'tweenie' market of readers.

Emma loved the 'Book Stuff' pages and has actually added one of the books reviewed onto her Christmas List. She liked completing the puzzles as she progressed through the magazine and commented that 'every page was different' - this helped to keep her interested.

I believe that the magazine covers a while range of age groups and literacy levels - from Pre-School to at least age 11 (year 6). Some parts Emma laughed out loud, while others she quickly skimmed over - but I would expect that due the the enormous range that Anorak Magazine covers.

In the copy that Emma reviewed she liked the 'Insects' page the best, she said that the images were clever and the information was interesting. She also liked the way that most of text was white on a coloured background - apparently this is different to other magazines, my worry though is that some people struggle to read white text ... although I personally found it quite pleasing on the eye.

All in all Emma enjoyed reading Anorak Magazine, if you would like more information about subscriptions please follow http://www.anorak-magazine.co.uk/

Emma's rating: 9/10
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