18 Nov 2009

Bella Sara Trading Cards

Bella Sara Trading Cards

I didn't get to set eyes on the cards, I opened the pack and 'Whoosssshh!' they had gone! Lots of 'Ooohing' and 'Ahhhing' hummed around my house and a happy little girl breezed into my office, sat at my computer ... and stayed there for the next hour!

Bella Sara Trading Cards are apparently 'wonderful', you can use the secret codes printed on each card top unlock a magical world online, with Bella Sara and her horse you can join in adventures full of stories and activities to expand imaginations.

The website is private so you know that your child is safe online, they cannot chat to others is is solely a private experience. The website keeps all login/registration information private and will not sell or share your information with others. Parents can decide the level of interaction at Bella Sara World for complete piece of mind, this is easily adjusted via parental controls.

Visit http://www.bellasara.com/index_bs.aspx for more information and to use your secret codes on the Bella Sara Trading Cards.

Available from Toys R Us and other toy retailers. Bella Sara products are great stocking fillers for little girls at Christmas.

Emma's rating: 9/10

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