18 Nov 2009


Covonia - Bronchial Balsam

How many people do you know who have a cough at the moment? The answer for me is approx 4 ... that's 4 people who are suffering with some sort of cold/cough/virus.

At present it seems that everyone knows someone who is ill, or has been ill themselves in the past few weeks. You work with someone with a sniffle, you get a bit chesty, they phone in with the flu, you come down with it ... and so it goes on.

My husband swears by Covonia, he uses the Chesty Cough variety. As soon as he gets that 'about to come down with a cold' feeling he starts to take Covonia, he insists that the menthol in the medicine eases his cold - it must work as he has 100% attendance at work and never seems to be ill!

I have been asked to review the Bronchial Balsam 'Rapid Impact' cough medicine. Its mighty strong stuff and seems to near-on work instantly, also it tastes very strong and smells potent ... which means (according to my mum) "It must work!".

Covonia Bronchial Balsam is for non-productive coughs, those are the ones that annoy you constantly as however much you cough nothing 'comes out'. It can be used for the common cold and bronchitis with brilliant effects. Rated number 1 in the UK for troublesome coughs it is a non-drowsy formula and so OK to take while at work, but please always follow the recommended dosage.

Priced at £3.51 for 15oml it is a good price for a product that you know works and can ease your cough and symptoms.

Covonia Throat Spray

Has all that coughing and spluttering given you a sore throat? For me a sore throat is the worst bit as my ears end up infected (and I sore like a walrus!).

Covonia Throat Spray is antibacterial and an anaesthetic, this means that it numbs the area and gets rid off all the nasty germs and bacteria that are making your throat worse (and infected .. that's the big white blobby bits on the sides at the back of your throat that hurt).

If like me your ears hurt when your throat is sore, the anaesthetic will also ease the 'tickily' feelings in your ears by numbing the sore bits of your throat. Great hey!

Don't worry though - the spray won't numb your tongue (or should that be "gbum urr ung" - geddit :) ). The spray has a tube to direct the spray onto the sore bits, missing your tongue.

Each spray bottle contains up to 100 doses and is priced at around £4.88

Not recommended for children under 12, please read the label for dosages.

Available from all major supermarkets and chemists.
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