14 Nov 2009


Groclock - shows wake up time

We have always been quite lucky, Emma likes her sleep - when she was little she stopped in bed until we normally went in and woke her up (sometimes I went in and prodded her to make sure she was alive!). Now Emma is older she gets up and goes straight downstairs, then plays on my computer until we get up.

My niece is the opposite, she is 4 and her younger sister is 22 months. When the 4 year old wakes she gets up ... whatever the time, then wakes up the younger one! My sister-in-law wakes to find two small girls staring at her in the dark :) and that's it .. they are up with no chance of going back to bed or sleep.

When I found out about the Groclock I thought it was a brilliant idea, not only can you set it to the times that 'you' would like your little darling to get up, you can also set it for naps in the daytime as well.

The unit is very sturdy and child friendly. Having said that it also has locking options just in case your small sweet child gets their grubby mitts on it and decides to fiddle with the settings.
At night the unit shows a lovely big friendly 'Mr Moon' and stars all around the outside, the stars gradually count down and disappear throughout the night to count down until morning. When it is time to wake up (or wake up Mum & Dad) a big smiling sunshine appears.

You can adjust the brightness of the screen and also whether you would like an audible alarm or not (like an alarm clock). There are also other clever features to make the Groclock suitable for different families lifestyles (eg.. silent option, nap modes, energy saving daytime mode).

My favourite part is the storybook that is included. To just put this unit into your child's room could be a little scary for your child, they will not understand why or what its for .. well the book explains all of their questions in story form.
The Sleepy Farm book is beautifully illustrated and tells a rhymed story about a very very tired and miserable little pig. The story explains all about why you should get lots of sleep, as you read through it gives parents hints as to what to set the clock too (like a visual aid).
Percy the pig receives a special clock ... exactly the same clock as your child has! clever stuff.

I love this clock, its different and special - a good introduction for all families with small children.

Mains powered (all plugs, wires, adapter included).
Suitable from age 2+

Priced around £39.99

For more information please visit: http://www.gro.co.uk/gro-clock.aspx

My rating: 10/10

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