10 Nov 2009

Hot Chocolate Week - November 16th - 22nd 2009

Hot Chocolate Week is back! November 16th - 22nd 2009

Chocolate :) my ultimate favourite!! I can happily consume chocolate any time, any place, any where (with the exception of in the car as I get sick!). So when I heard about Hot Chocolate Week I nipped to Tesco and stocked up on delicious smooth Hot Chocolate products to celebrate in style.

Why do we need an excuse to take some time out for yourself and enjoy a gorgeous real hot chocolate drink anyway? I personally believe that Hot Chocolate shouldn't be classed as an indulgent treat - it should be a necessity!.
Yes we can rabbit on and on about calories, healthy options, obesity .. but to hold back from a Hot Chocolate addiction can also hold fatal consequences, think of the mood swings, the hunger pangs, the craving of sweet hot melted chocolate ...... yes I am now drooling!

So when I discovered the Hot Chocolate from Mars I had to try them.

First up: Moment du Chocolat Gourmet Hot Chocolate contains Real Belgian Milk chocolate with scrumptious marshmallows as an added topping. It is unashamedly sensuous, providing a melt in the mouth sensation. Its also very cocoa'y like a real hot chocolate like your Granny used to make. I personally had to add in a splash of milk to take off the edge, but it was very warming and scrummy.

Second we have : GALAXY Creamy Hot Chocolate is unlike most hot chocolates, as half a bar of real GALAXY chocolate is lovingly melted into milk to create a hot chocolate with that unmistakable delicious GALAXY taste. With a dash of cream and mini marshmallows to add as an optional topping, this is one hot chocolate not to share.
Its also sickly sweet - so beware those of you who like to indulge but sometimes go OTT and end up feeling quite ill. Andy tested this one but left most of it due to the sweetness, he prefers Galaxy block chocolate to the melted hot product.

Thirdly Emma tried out: MALTESERS Malted Hot Chocolate. Being only 3% fat its great for those wanting to indulge but also wanting to watch their waistline and has real chocolate melted into creamy malted milk. With a mini packet of MALTESERS to munch along side or melt into your drink this is a treat that everyone can enjoy.
Well she loved it! She even licked the lid :) I had a quick sip and it wasn't as sweet as the Galaxy drink, I wish now that I had opted for this one rather than the 'posh' one.

Finally: The range would not be complete without Melted MARS Hot Chocolate. The classic combination of chocolate and caramel is melted into milk to create a smooth hot chocolate with the instantly recognisable flavour of MARS. In addition there are two real MARS miniatures to complement this undeniably delicious drink. We are keeping this one, Emma has deemed it hers and we are not allowed to touch it. I think she is keeping it for a cold afternoon after school treat.

Pure liquid heaven will be yours to enjoy in just 90 seconds, when you simply pop your chosen hot chocolate into the microwave. With the cup designed to keep the drink hot without hurting your hands, you can savour pure decadence without any worries. It is that easy - peel off the foil top, give it a stir, bung it in the microwave for 60 seconds, give it a stir, back in for a further 30 seconds and its done !!

So cosy up, settle down and give yourself some ‘me time’ by enjoying Hot Chocolate Week with your favourite real hot chocolate drink from Mars Consumer Drinks.

The Hot Chocolate drinks are available in larger stores of Tesco, Sainsbury, Morrisons and Asda.
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