27 Nov 2009

jackson reece Natural Wipes

Jackson Reece Natural Wipes

Wet wipes - what do we use them for?
Cleaning babies bums, cleaning babies/children's mucky faces, cleaning hands, taking off make-up, sanitizing on the move, personal care, plus more....

I use wipes for most of the above, I use them on my children (daughter and nieces), my students for their personal care routines and also on myself. Over the years I have used many brands and I admit I do have my favourites.

So what makes a good wetwipe?
The size is important, no point having a measly little square that is dirty and dry after one swipe.
The dampness is a top priority, not too dripping but not too dry either.
How soft the wipe leaves your skin - Does it leave a sticky film? Is it full of chemicals that dry skin?
The fragrance, is it pleasant? Is it overpowering? Does it smell clinical or fresh?
How well does the wipe clean and sanitise the area? Does it make your skin/eyes sting?

All of the above have to be considered depending on use, but if I am to use a wet wipe on my child or face then I would like one that is the best that I can buy using the kindest of ingredients...... this is where jackson reece excel in the totally brilliant wipes category.

jackson reece have developed a totally natural, high purity water, no alcohol, parabens, SLS or SLES, bio-degradable wet wipe. Each sheet is the size of an A5 sheet of paper which I feel is not too big and not too small, they are also pretty thick and strong (so no putting your finger in poo moments).

When you wipe as you are actually infusing the skin with a balanced blend of organic tea tree oil, aloe vera and lavender oil .. all which hold soothing healing properties. Combined with natural purity water you can be safe knowing that there are no nasty chemicals added in.

I do find the fragrance a little overpowering, but it isn't a nasty fragrance it does smell fresh and not commercial or fake.

Each wipe is quite damp which I am very impressed with, I don't like a wipe to be too wet or dry. The fabric seems to soak up the liquid and even after 10 minutes out in the air the wipe is still damp enough to wipe over my hands.

A final top feature about jackson reece wipes is that they are bio-degradable, everything from the wipes to the packaging bio-degrade quicker than regular wipes which is great for the environment.

All-in-all I like jackson reece wipes, price wise they are pretty affordable at around £1.99 for 72 wipes.

Available from Sainsburys and Superdrug plus online stores, for more information please visit:

My rating: 9/10
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