25 Nov 2009



"I kissed a girl - and I liked it! The taste of her cherry chapstick!" ... Well Katy Perry sung about cherry Lipsyl's and so they must be good !!

I smeared the cherry Lypsyl over my winter dry lips and puckered up to Andy ... at first he looked at me strangely and said "What do you want?" then moved slightly away from me, "Kiss me!" I purred, he moved even further across the sofa and replied "Quick Ruby kiss her!!" ...... the dog leapt up pinned me to the sofa and licked my face. So I now know that Labradors like the smell of Cherry Lypsyl.

Luckily for me my pulling technique didn't completely fail as each Lypsyl contains Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, so I did end up with very soft lickable lips. The secret behind the Lypsyl is pure beeswax, ultra light to spread evenly and penetrate deeply, for unsurpassed moisturizing and protection. And the innovative packaging is uniquely designed for quick and easy application — at home, on the go, anywhere!

Emma suffers with chapped lips so I have let her keep the Peach flavour in her pocket for school. She is pretty good and knows not to share with others (germs!). Being small the pack fits in her pocket nicely, the top is easy to twist off without having to worry about lipbalm smearing all over the inside of her pocket, and it is easy to apply straight from the tube.

Another good point about Lypsyl is that they have been around since 1905, from the original salve to introducing flavours you know that they are full of good products and won't cause reactions.
Lypsyl moisturisers provide every day lip care protection and help repair and maintain soft, smooth lips. The conditioning formula, which contains Aloe Vera ands Vitamin E, provides soothing and moisturising benefits, helping care for dry, chapped and sore lips.
Using Lypsyl every day can help protect your lips from the weather's damaging effects which is very very handy at this time of year.

My Aunt is hooked on Lypsyl, she always has at least 3 in her bag at any one time. When we were on holiday (I am talking years ago as I was only 7 at the time) she slapped Lypsyl on her lips every few minutes while basking in the hot sun ... well she might as well have put lard on her face as she basically cooked her lips !!

The next day her face was puffy and sun burnt - her lips were massive :) my Mum and Dad couldn't stop laughing at her, she wasn't impressed and swore at us all day (well I think it was swearing as it was a bit muffled as she was so swollen). However her big lips were lovely and soft, if strangely huge.

These days you can buy 'Lypsyl Sun' which helps prevent sunburn and damage that can be caused by exposure to the sun while UVA filters also help to prevent sun-induced skin ageing.
Lypsyl Sun contains SPF35 sunblock. So she learnt the hard way - but I learnt a good lesson in sun awareness.

Lypsyl is priced around £1.20 for the flavoured sticks and 80p for the original blue variety.
You can purchase Lypsyl from most supermarkets and chemists.

Check out the Lypsyl® Lip Tips on Facebook, where you can also watch vodcasts, vote in the live polls and have your say on the discussion boards.

Here are just some of the great tips that will be appearing on the Facebook page:

Tip: To kiss dry, chapped lips goodbye try a little gentle exfoliation and moisturising. Take a hot, wet washcloth, wrap it around your finger and gently rub on your lip in a circular motion. Wipe lips clean and apply Lypsyl® lip balm. The conditioning formula contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to provide soothing and moisturising benefits, helping care for dry, chapped and sore lips

Tip: Apply a moisturising lip balm before putting on your lipstick. This is will help hydrate your lips and make the colour an even tone

Tip: To achieve the perfect pout, emphasize your top lip by dabbing a little gloss or lip balm in the centre

Tip: Applying lipstick with your fingertip gives a more natural-looking, kissable finish

Tip: Avoid lipstick marks on your glass by discreetly licking your lips before taking a sip from the glass

Tip: Smokey eyes are a classic look that celebrities love, and it looks best with a nude lip, so just use Lypsyl®lip balm on its own

Tip: Give up smoking for the perfect pout - smoking is one of the main causes of lines around the mouth, because of the repetitive motion of pursing your lips

Tip: If you’re hitting the ski slopes this year or escaping for some winter sun, make sure you pack Lypsyl®Sun SPF35 to protect your lips from sun exposure. It contains protective UVA filters to prevent sun-induced skin ageing and keeps your lips looking luscious

My rating: 9/10
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