11 Nov 2009

Panduro Hobby

Panduro Hobby

http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/ccc7b6ae#/ccc7b6ae/46 << Link to catalogue

Since it was established in 1955, Panduro Hobby has developed a unique concept for giving people possibilities for their own creative activities.
With a comprehensive range of more than 9,000 hobby items, they offer everything required for making unique and personal articles.

Quite simply, they enable people to experience the satisfaction of being able to create something beautiful with their own hands.

I was asked to review a product from the Panduro catalogue, being very arty I was thrilled and started looking trough the pages and pages of beautiful kits, projects and materials ... I have never seen such a range of wonderful creative products! Each and every item is 'want-able' and simple to create, my daughter Emma eventually asked if we could make some candles and so I chose the BeesWax Sheets.

The products arrived quickly and well packed, if you spend over £50 on the website they offer free delivery which is great!

Just before bed (after a lot of nagging from Emma) I relented and agreed to help her make some candles. In our pack we received 5 sheets of honeycomb sheeted beeswax in yellow and some wicks. We read the instructions and Emma got to work.

First up was a simple straight candle. It was really easy to make and the kit gave us enough wax for us to make one each (I am convinced mine is better but Emma disagrees).

We then decided to be a little more daring and following the comprehensive well described instructions (including pictures with measurements) we made two spiral candles.

Finally as we still had two sheets left and lots of wick we attempted the more 'posher' stepped pillar candle. I'll have to admit that when Emma was moaning "No Mum its not like that you need to use this part!" I ignored her and swore blind that I was doing it correctly .... I wasn't it looked odd, luckily being wax you can unroll, flatten and start again :)

This time Emma took the lead and created a lovely stepped pillar candle - she has decided to give all five candles to her Gran for Christmas :)

Then it really was time for bed. The candles have stored really easily in the bag that the wax came in ready to be wrapped for Christmas.

Panduro have many many kits suitable for all age groups, boys, girls, Mum's, Granny's etc... I have posted the link to the Christmas Catalogue above but obviously throughout the year they will have different products available.

Prices are fair and the quality is high, I am very impressed with the wax that we tested and will definitely go back to the catalogue to have another browse (possibly for stocking fillers for 'you know who' above ;) as she enjoyed the candle making so much).

Our rating: 10/10
For more information please visit: www.pandurohobby.co.uk
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