10 Nov 2009

Sew! Cath Kidson

Sew! Cath Kidson

When this book arrived on my doorstep I squealed with delight ... why? I don't actually know as I can't sew ... but oooooh its a gorgeous book.
All the designs featured are exclusive Cath Kidson designs, the book features over 40 simple sewing projects .. all simple enough for even me to master.

But that's not the best bit .. oh no, there is something even better - I opened the front page (which felt a little bulky) and low and behold there was real Cath Kidson fabric!!
You receive with the book everything you need to make the bag on the front cover (see above).

I was amazed, I was astounded, I for some reason which not even I know picked up the phone and called my Mother-in-law to tell her (she pretended to be pleased for me, I know she will be really excited when I take the book round to show her).

This book has excited me, the designs are funky with clear concise instructions. I have even taken it into work with me to show my friends and one wants to buy a copy for her daughter for Christmas.

Have you ever been to the Cath Kidson shop inside Selfridges (Bull Ring, Birmingham)? Its amazing, everything has Cath's retro-girlie popular print all over it, from cutlery to scatter cushions ... its like Cath Kidson World - well one day (when I have found my sewing machine under all my junk) MY house will look like that!!

Sew! by Cath Kidston (Quadrille, £14.99)
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