14 Nov 2009



A what? I hear you cry! A Snuggie is a blanket with sleeves ... literally. Made from thick but lightweight fleece a Snuggie is a blanket that you can wrap over you to keep you toastie warm - but has sleeves so that you can read a book, answer the phone, change TV channels etc... without your blanket falling off of your shoulders.

In principle it is a brilliant idea - you can sit stroking the cat on your lap (as cats like fleece blankets too!) but still be warm as you don't have to keep pulling your blanket back up to your neck when it slips down.

My only problem is the shape and size - it is a bit like an initial design that has been produced without tweaking all the niggly design flaws first.

I found that it was too small .... my Dad hit the nail on the head (when he stopped laughing at me strutting my stuff in the living room) "Its one size - as long as you are small!".
Having rather large boobs and wide hips, it didn't seem to go around me very well, however I wiggled and wobbled around on the sofa I couldn't get it to tuck around my back without a cold draft. Plus being 5'8" tall ... it wasn't long enough to cover my feet either.

When I first tried it on I put it on like a coat, then tried to pull it around me .... this was wrong as my Dad who was reading the box 'spluttered' out, so I turned it round. But which way up did it go? after faffing around I eventually got it on and nearly strangled myself with the collar part ... its very tall and doesn't lie flat very well.

I like the idea of wearing it outside, maybe not where people know you ;) but for sitting in the garden when it gets a bit chilly its great! You can still sip your drink but keep the chill off at the same time.

I'm really not sure about the Snuggie, I am quite disappointed as I was really looking forward to trying it ... it looks good in theory but doesn't work for me, I just wish that it went all the way round, then it would be brilliant.
I know though that my Mother-in-law will love it .. so I'll be passing this one onto her.

It is warm, washable (hand wash warm - do not tumble dry), practical in a way and easy to store. It isn't idiot-friendly, large, spacious or fashionable.

Approx size: 180x137cm
For more information please visit: JML http://www.jmldirect.com/Snuggie--2-Pack-PS5780/

My rating: 2/10
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