4 Dec 2009

Brown and Harris

English Rose - Linen Water

I was surprised with Brown & Harris's linen water as it has a very subtle fragrance. Being lightly scented with rose it smells quite sweet but with an undertone of washing powder.

In the past I have stayed away from putting fragranced water into my iron as the smell of the water never seems to compliment my washing .... as I use quite a strong lingering powder you can still smell the washing powder on the clean clothes for quite a while later.

I used English Rose linen water on some washing that had been washed and dried a while ago, I ran the iron over and found the fragrance so subtle it refreshed the clothes instead of making them smell false.

Brown & Harris have designed a very good product, even Andy was pretty impressed and liked the fragrance that it left on his work shirts.

English Rose (Rose Anglaise) Conditioning Hand Wash

Again, a very subtle fragrance that left my hands with a slight rose perfume. The hand wash foamed quickly yet washed off easily (with no slimy residue), I found that it washed away quickly and easily from underneath my rings where other hand soaps seem to get clogged.

After a few uses I could tell that it was a conditioning hand wash as my skin felt moisturised and soft. With all the bacterial hand gels that I use at work my hands are pretty dry and scaly, this hand wash was soothing and kind to my skin while doing a brilliant job at cleaning at the same time.

English Rose Drawer & Wardrobe Sachets

These always remind me of old people, in fact I have given a set of these to my Nan for Christmas (oh what a kind and thoughtful Granddaughter I am). In reality they are actually very very useful.

They are fragrance with the same English Rose as the linen water, sweet rose with a washing powder after-smell. To pop a couple of these in your bedroom drawers they will keep your clean dry linen fresher for longer. I am also very impressed with the wardrobe hanger ... my best clothes are hung in my wardrobe so to be able to keep them fresh smelling instead of musty is a brilliant idea.

Gone are the 'moth balls' days, you can now subtly fragrance your clothing with a delicate scent simply and easily.

My rating: 9/10


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